Get Discord ID from members:pledge:create webhook

I’m trying to automate a reward system for my patrons, and I need to get their Discord ID when they subscribe to my Patreon. I tried looking at the api docs but I’m confused if I can get the discord ID of the user directly from the data of the webhook that gets sent when a pledge is created, or if I have to fetch the user from Patreon APIs and get its discord ID from there.

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You could assign discord rewards to tiers, and when they log in via Patreon to Discord, that reward should automatically come in.

Api v1 still provides discord_id for a user…

But you should implement your solutions via v2 calls and endpoints.

You can only assign roles with discord on tiers. Do I get the patreon user in the webhook of the pledge:member:create?

You should be able to.

Just create a new Patreon account with a new email (same payment info works) to pledge to yourself from a $1 or lower tier, and test your webhook to see whether it will work as you want it.