Getting Corporate Sponsors

Does anyone have experience with getting corporate sponsors? I would love to do a monthly giveaway and I think a corporate sponsor is a great way to approach it. They provide the item and get some exposure in return.

This is new for me, so before I reach out I’d be interested in learning more about what would incentivize a company to partner with me so I can make the best pitch.

I have 200 Patrons and would be asking for an $80/month commitment from a sponsor for the giveaway.

Welcome to the forum @beestat!

I have some experience in finding sponsors, but as a community manager not as a creator :slight_smile: A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Companies want to know info up front - how big is your audience, what’s your average click through rate, why your audience is a group of people they want to get in front etc
  2. Be clear what you’re asking for and why
  3. I had success rates with both small/new up coming companies as well as much larger more established ones. Cast a wide net while you’re figuring out what works
  4. Patreon has policy about giveaways and raffles due to the law. Make sure you read up about those before you get too deep
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