Getting old customers to sign up for Patreon with a mailing

Although doing a physical mailing costs more than using social media to reach old customers, I feel like it’s a great way to reach out to people who used to support my artwork, but for whatever reason haven’t made the jump to Patreon.

So much social media gets lost in the chatter and a postcard sent to someone’s home, I feel anyway, will make a much bigger impact than constantly trying to reach those folks through social media. I’m not sure any of them even see my posts!

I guess I would compare it to knocking on doors to sign up voters/ remind them to vote. The people who are following me online are important, but so is everyone who’s ever subscribed to my zine or bought my artwork. The cool thing is, I’ve got a very extensive address book!

MY QUESTION: What should the postcard say? I think it will have apiece of my artwork on the front, but then, what should the back say? Should I make an explicit request for them to follow me on Patreon?


Thank you!!


This sounds like a great idea! I don’t think you have anything to lose by explicitly asking them to pledge on Patreon. My suggestion would be to offer them something special on top of regular Patreon rewards, to try and incentivize them to join immediately. For example, give them a codeword that they can message you once they’ve pledged that will entitle them to a free bonus item (it could be a digital download of some kind maybe, so you don’t incur additional expenses on top of the mailers?)


Love this idea! people have a lot of success with mail on Patreon (this post might interest you) and I believe we’ll have a blog soon that might have some more ideas about this.

I like the idea of art on front with Patreon plug on the back. They’ll want to display the art in their home and be reminded of your Patreon whenever they look at it. I like @ginnydi’s idea of adding an extra little something to encourage that sign up - a special summer offer perhaps or “as a thank you for being a previous customer of mine, if you join my Patreon page you’ll get X”.


I love this idea! I used post cards to create an incentive for people to support me (see my post).

People loved getting something personal in the mail!
And they posted the postcards all over my Facebook page!

I LOVE @ginnydi’s idea for something exclusive.
I would add a deadline to this too, since people will procrastinate. :slight_smile:

Keep us updated about how this turns out!



I have a postcard-sized flier that I include that sez “Support the Arts! Subscribe to ye olde Gentleman Cartoonist thru the magic of Patreon!!” Subscribe for the price of a cheap latte!

I haven’t done it as a mail-out postcard, but I am going to. I include them in sales I mail out or at conventions. They work well.

Good luck,



Thanks for your feedback! If you want to vote on which image I choose for the postcard, you can vote here:

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I think that mailing postcards is a great idea. I send out Christmas cards to my customers, and they are highly regarded, because so few people do so, nowadays. It definitely helps to stand out. And nothing is more classy than signing a personalised X’mas card with a fountain pen. :slight_smile:

I have yet to apply this to my Patreon. So far, I only have one patron to speak of, and he definitely deserves a card. lol.

Kindest regards,
Geoffrey McEvoy

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