Getting paid way less than you were told?

Hi guys. (first: Sorry for my English)
So, I had a Patreon page years ago, and there was one major problem.

I would always get way less than what it said in my main page. Which meant, that many Patrons were not providing a valid payment, but they were benefiting and getting all the rewards all the months they were in.

I have some friends in Patreon too, and sometimes they get almost less than a 20% than they were expecting to recieve that month.

So, basically the thing is, many of you, and myself, have been complaining about the subscription system running in Patreon right now. A lot of us have felt scammed in the past by people who were benefiting from all the rewards, but at the end of the month they find out they’re not getting paid for their work done.

Also, I ran recently into a problem, with Patrons I know better than others, that I know they were providing a legal payment way, because they’re subscribers from Twitch for months and they have always been honest, are getting their accounts cancelled for no reason, which is a total nonsense and many of them got their pledge cancelled when day 1 arrived.

I know for sure it wasnt them, because they reached me complaining on why Patreon cancelled their pledges, when they had everything setup right, and trying to get the money sent and everything done again… but again Patreon support delays a lot on replying and it’s really frustrating at the end of the day.

There has been many problems going around with Patreon in the last years, and I beg the developers to solve this problems once for all, and as quick as possible.

If not, it’s a nonsense for a lot of us to work more time on Patreon to get all the rewards and attention for all our Patrons, and then not getting what we worked for.

Couldn’t Patreon just make a good subscription system with no failures? It’s not that hard. Netflix for example, if you don’t pay for one day, they would just cancel your account immediately, and not letting you see any content until you pay. In Patreon i’ve found Patrons that wouldnt pay a single month and still be there benefiting from the rewards.

Oh and by the way. I can’t activate the “pay upfront” option, because it’s not even enabled in my account…

What do you think? Did you run into these problems before?

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I´m on Patreon just since 2 months ago and since the first pay day find the same “problem”.
For now the percentage of “slow payers” is little compared with the efficent payers… but still more than one, and two, enjoy my content and i don´t see a penny for it.
I think Patreon shouldn´t has that problem… and still charging us the 20% of our benefits for a service that is 100% infalible in favour of the creators… That makes me wonder why i need patreon? I´ve years doing commisions on private way and
I ´m wondering if i could provide the same service to my customers or “patreons” without any intermediary.

Patreon please… fix that, giveus a solutiion because is quite “frustrating” seeing how some of my money is flying because you haven´t an infallible collection system.
So easy as you pay then you enjoy… not you enjoy then you “maybe” pay!

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