Getting Patreons to update/add their address

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I’m posting this in here because I figured other people that send out physical rewards might be facing the same challenge :slight_smile:

Soon it’ll be time for me to send out a little over 500 envelops with stickers. Both new and old Patreons get the reward from the special offer. I checked the “Ask for shipping address during pledge checkout” box when I modified my tires prior to launching the campaign but I don’t have any shipping addresses for all the old Patreons. How do I get that?

I found this guide

When you add this requirement to tiers that already have patrons, they won’t automatically be asked for this information. You’ll want to send those patrons a note and request they update their pledge to include their address

I could just tell my patreons to “update their pledge” but I’d just like to make sure that is still accurate. Can someone verify that? :slight_smile:

Hi @mads.dahlke - yep, you’re correct. The best way to do this at the moment is to reach out to them via message through the Relationship Manager and ask them to update their membership. Here’s another helpful article you could send out that walks them through the specifics.

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I’m facing this issue as well. I’ve been sending people here:

But I’m not sure that’s correct. Would it be better to send them to the “edit my membership” link you provided @laurab?

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@colortheory - I think this might be a better reference to share. When they edit their membership at a given tier, they can apply their address right to that tier, so there are fewer steps!

We had that discussion recently ( Editing patron address ) and the simplest thing to do is send them to the new convenient URL where they can see at once if they have their correct address on file for you.

Awesome, I’ll do that! When I go to that link, there’s not even a shipping address column. I guess none of the 17 creators I support are going to send me anything! :sob:

Just so you know, that column is only activated for a creator if that creator is collecting addresses for that tier. So if you modify your tier to request addresses, your patrons should see a blank space waiting to be filled there.

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Perfect. I’m going to double check that I’m requesting addresses on all relevant tiers now…