Getting people interested in my patreon

Hello am karl from belgium since almost 7 weeks i created a creator patreon for making my edit about celebrety , cosplay and horror edits viable for a broader public and make my hobby go a bit more seriously and serve my patreons with the edits they always wanted , things they cannot create
I also have an silenced agreement with model Aria Giovanni retired in 2009 she want to support me with her non nude content and cosplaystuff … aside for this as long as she not is active again … until next year
So i have time to train myself in getting better and set up an active patreon up , for now i make other content
For those who wanted to look please do
Https:// please give

On insta my edits have a lot of likes and followers , but here it seems to mean nothing , the edits costing a lot of time too
But am persistent , giving up is not in my dictionary
Give me some advice people please
Its much appreciated

Hi Kestens,
The link to your site is giving the 404 you are lost message,

Link not work it means
Can you find on IG_AGStudiosBelgium then ?

I’m assuming these links are you?

My first advice would be to standardize your username, as in, make your username the same or similar everywhere you can. Consistency will help people be able to find and recognize you.

For your Patreon page, you have way too many tiers. I’d try to cut that at least in half. You can leave out your more expensive tiers for now. If you start to get a high volume of requests for commissions, you can add it back in or take them separately though Paypal or whatever.

I would also suggest working on promotion and building your following. You mention having a lot of likes and followers on Instagram, but it looks like interaction is very low. I’m not great at Instagram marketing, but I’d look into studying up strategies people have come up with to help you there. My suggestion is to avoid doing “follow for follow” since those people who follow back are often not genuine and likely won’t support you on Patreon.

Last bit of advice, but it’s the most important: make sure you’re doing this for your own enjoyment first. Building a following and making money takes time. You can’t let that be your #1 focus, or else it’s going to give you some mental trouble later on.

Best of luck.

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I think @sambeawesome has already given some great tips.
I’d really suggest building a bigger following first, I think 1k followers doesn’t cut it to be honest. Are you active on other platforms as well? The more your followers are exposed to your Patreon content, the more likely they are to go check it out and perhaps sign up. For me around 1% of my followers turn into patrons.

I also think 10 tier levels is kind of overwhelming by the way, I’d try to keep it simple.

And do you have a YouTube channel? Sharing stuff on YouTube is a great way to let your fans get familiar with your work and give them an idea of what they can expect at Patreon. But again, building up a decent following is step one.

And @sambeawesome is totally right about that final tip, doing it for your own enjoyment first is the most important part. It took me years to become successful and it was really hard, I wouldn’t have been able to pull through if I didn’t absolutely love what I’m doing.

Good luck on your journey!


Thank you very much for your advice

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Wow i go work on that thanks a lot i half the tiers dawn

Yes links are mine

Yes i standarized allready my studio name on insta , thumblr and and patreon , on facebook is a lot of family wich realy have their opinions of celebrety or to much horror edits
Especialy aria giovanni she was a former nudemodel but retired in 2009 now she get active as cosplayer and normal model , who are we to hold it against her , she supported me lately the most and am invited to make her new content next year ,it was a job and its 12 year ago , everyone deserves a second chance anyway … its double to convict her for her past , she was no pornstar and had no sex on stage ever only nudemodelling
I do not support pornstars anyway but this aside
That is the mainreason i not implenting facebook for now into my patreon world
I thought to make on facebook a new account as IG_AGStudiosBelgium with only content made for my patreon without adding family or so
Is this douable ? I got real awesome tips from you all thanks a lot for the back up

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Yes i started last week thumblr up again , same name and same profile pic everywerethe dawnside for me am now very wellknown on these boards
I think making an ag studio on facebook will help a lot more , i run two model rc groups there with at least 6 K followers