Getting started with Acast & tips to save you time

Setting Up Acast

It’s easy to get started with the Acast integration, and you can try it out yourself before anything happens for your patrons. (Also remember, it’s free for all Patreon podcasters). We recommend following along with the instructions here, which will first have you go to your RSS settings. From there, you’ll create your Acast account. Once you’re all set on the Acast side, you finish turning the integration on for your patrons and let them know about the change.

Tip 1: Bulk episode assignment to tiers

  • Acast automatically imports all of the episodes you previously uploaded to Patreon, you just need to assign them to the right tiers. There are two things to know to streamline this process. From your show page on Acast, click the “10/page” button in the bottom right and select 100 episodes instead. Then click the checkbox for any applicable episodes, or the top checkbox to select them all at once. Click “Assign Tiers” and you can do it in one step if all of your episodes go to the same tiers.

Tip 2: Don’t forget to turn it on for your patrons

  • After you are comfortable with everything on the Acast side, you go back to your Patreon settings to turn on the integration for your patrons as indicated in the instructions. Nothing happens for your patrons until you take this step. When you do so, patrons using existing RSS feeds are redirected to new Acast feeds - they do not need to subscribe or unsubscribe to anything new! And new patrons or those accessing the content for the first time use a new link provided when pledging and in their membership details

Tip 3: You control how you want to post to your patrons

  • When you release new episodes, make sure to upload them to Acast and assign them to the appropriate tiers; they will show up right away in the feeds for patrons on those tiers. It’s up to you what you want to post on Patreon for the episodes - a post is not created by default. Some creators will want to make the same post on Patreon for patrons viewing on the site or getting email confirmations. Other creators may just make a post reminding patrons to get their content through their Acast feeds, or omit posting on Patreon all together. It’s up to you.

Thread any questions you have below and stay tuned for more tips.


Sorry if I am missing something, but just want to be sure I understand. This sounds great, as I have long wanted to access analytics about episodes listened to through patreon.
But just want to doublecheck, I am assuming that patrons will not be forced to switch to Acast, right? They can still use whatever app they currently do, but presumably they will need to update their private RSS link, is that right?
I guess the main benefit of this change is analytics, is that right?
Are there any other benefits, for example for listeners? Like if they use Acast already, will it be a bit more seamless for them to subscribe to their patreon feed?
Thanks in advance for any info

Correct, patrons can continue to use whatever podcast app they prefer! Acast’s interface for patrons to subscribe to the content actually makes it easier to pick their app, since it detects which apps the patron has installed and links directly to subscribe to their unique feed - no copying and pasting necessary.

Additionally, when you turn on the integration, we redirect the Patreon-provided feeds that your patrons are using currently, over to new feeds provided by Acast. So there is no need for those patrons to take any action. They will continue to get your episodes with the subscription they have setup.

I’m adding more info about the benefits throughout this week. Those threads will all be in the Tools/Acast section here.


That all sounds great, cheers

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For those of us who already use Acast as a public feed, how will this integration work for us?

My podcast has been hosted by Acast for the past 5 years so I don’t want to make that feed private, but am interested in learning how the integration can work for my patreon.

Hi @homoground - Acast has two different platforms - Acast Create for public show hosting and advertising monetization, and Acast Open for private podcast feeds. Later next year the Create and Open platforms will be merged.

But for now, to set up the Patreon integration, make a new account on Acast Open. This is simple, proceeding through the Patreon to Acast import process, and then publish your Patreon show and manage tiers through Acast Open. You’ll get the simplified access for listeners and fans, as well as improved feed security for the private feed. You continue to manage your public show through Acast Create.

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I watched the workshop, thanks so much! I was wondering if I import my existing show to ACAST, does that mean I am literally moving hosting and I need to upload future episodes to ACAST? My current hosting provider (redcircle) gives me the ability to create an exclusive feed, if I enter this feed into ACAST, will it kill my redcircle feed?

Hi Minka - you can continue using any podcast host, like RedCircle, for your public show feed. When you set up the Acast integration with Patreon, you can import your existing back catalog of audio posts on Patreon over to Acast. That way there is continuity for your patrons on their private content.

You then start uploading new, private episodes to Acast so they populate in the private feeds for your patrons. But there’s no change to uploading episodes of your public show on your existing hosting provider.