Getting Suspended TWICE

Hey there, I must say I am a tiny bit aggravated right now. A couple months ago my Patreon was suspended and it took over a week to unsuspend. It was to do “implied nudes” and when they started going hard core on hiding anything adult away. Cool that’s fine I changed my posts to patron only, but it caused new people to not be able to pledge when they tried and some of my own pledgers to leave. THEN the next month the bank change happens!!! I LOSE MORE THAN 50% of my income! It took me two damn years to finally get my monthly amount to 1k, now its back to 500 and later on in time, to now, I’m still down at 500 so that unannounced bank change really hurt me, especially after the 1-2 week suspension. I woke up today to find I am suspended AGAIN! AND RIGHT BEFORE THE PAY IS COMING! I have a big castle photoshoot I am depending on my little 500 bucks to get my gas and food to get there, a shoot i PROMISED my patrons!!! So I am freaking out a little bit right now. Almost ALL my posts are patron only now so I dont know what it could be. I did have some cammy bulma costume pics (and its in a leotard) so some of my bootycheeks are out but im still dressed in costume that i could wear to a con why is that adult?! (If thats what was being reported) I removed it anyways, but I am really thinking it might be my profile picture. Which is my Cheetara Bodypaint (WHICH SHOWS NO NIPPLES, ASS, OR GENITALIA) But it is body paint is it considered adult? I was sure its considered an art form seeing that u can body paint at conventions in the public or even go on Twitch and body paint. This is happening again and right before my payout and big trip, I feel defeated. I am a model from the adult industry and im trying so hard to leave it. Making you tube videos telling everyone I am leaving the SUPER adult stuff and focusing on my modeling and cosplay making and sending everyone to my Patreon hard core. And this stuff keeps happening and its frustrating me SO much, I am seriously considering trying to move my stuff to another website or figure out how to runa patreon thing through my own website. PLEASE HELP ME I have been working my ass off on my patreon for 2years. I cant beleive I am being treated like this…over a body paint profile picture?

Wait a second a pledge just went through does this mean im not suspended? Was the email a WARNING? I about freaked out !!! Let me know its very scary to get messages as so

I know I’m a week late on this post, but I think it’s something that people need to start asking to be better defined in specific terms as to what is concidered “adult”. I recently received a warning email about posting “adult content” of a waist up photo of me in a one-piece bodysuit. The picture shows less skin then the advertisement for the bodysuit on Target’s website.

I do think that what might be happening to you and me, is someone is just being a jerk and reporting us for adult content and Patreon has no one reviewing the reported photos, they just automatically send out a warning. So we keep getting flagged and our income is being affected because Patreon has nothing in place to protect us from false reports.

Context matters; when it comes to what is considered “adult”, a picture that is posted in a Target catalogue or banner showing off an outfit would be taken to be just showing off the clothing on a person.

However, if that same exact picture were posted as parr of a campaign where you are paying money to see the woman in the picture specifically, not to go shopping for clothes or something else like that, especially when one of the tiers have info saying “also includes additional sexy [photos]”, the context becomes very different and as such can register as “adult”.

So what you’re saying is, I could wear hospital scrubs with only my face showing and all because I “say”, I’m only wearing a bikini underneath, the entire image is now labeled as “adult”?! How does that make sense?

No, that’s not it at all; it’s not because you say you’re wearing a bikini underneath, it’s because of the context of the entire page.

Someone could be completely nude in a picture and it wouldn’t be labeled as sexy or adult (might not be allowed on Patreon still though, not sure on that one), because of the context of where it’s seen at, what the picture was taken for, and how the picture is perceived by the general public.

Conversely, someone could be, as you said, in hospital scrubs, and if the context and what the picture was taken for and how it’s perceived were all seen as sexual or adult in nature, it would be less allowed on a general website’s front page and such than the fully nude photo would be.

For another example, take a bikini as an outfit vs bra and panties; many bra and panties sets cover up more of your body than a bikini does, yet walking around in a bra and panties can actually get you arrested in quite a lot of places, whereas walking around in a bikini won’t. This is again because of the context relative to what people see or think of culturally when they see someone in a bikini, versus a bra and panties, again in cultural context.

Can you post the picture here for us to see? Things like your pose, your facial expression, what your hands are doing, where it’s shot at, any accompanying text, etc. can all drastically change the context of a picture one way or the other.

Sexually suggestive content is also considered to be adult under patreons rules, they don’t conform to commonly accepted standards on other gallery/pinup sites. Being able to see private areas isn’t the line, like on many sites - just having suggestive content and being an adult creator is enough to get you dinged.

I’d consider just making all of your posts private and advertising on other sites with your non-explicit images, it’s what I’ve had to do with my art.

Posting ANY public content as an adult content creator on Patreon is a huge risk at this point. Similarly, if you are an artist that makes general content, be very sure you aren’t making public posts that could contain even slightly suggestive content. I’ve seen cartoon creators get hit with take-downs because characters that have no explicit parts (no nipples or genitals at all) were in suggestive poses.

^ Pretty much words to live by. Patreon, for adult creators, should be a place to pledge, not the place you use to get new pledgers; you should be advertising your stuff off-site ideally and draw people in from off-site, especially since you can’t search for NSFW Patreon accounts on the site itself.

@RaychulMoore thanks for the post! I wanted to let you know that a human reviews every report so it wouldn’t have been an automatic thing or a troll reporting you. As far as giving specific image feedback, as our Trust and Safety team handles all of those things it would be best to write to them.

I wanted to follow up that I messaged @kittyxquinn and we were able to get her account back up and running the same day :slight_smile:

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