Getting the Word Out About My Page

hey hey!
i’m fairly new to patreon, just a couple of months in, and i’ve had a fair amount of success, but it’s all from people within my circle.
any suggestions on how to reach a larger community out there?
i’m happy to support other creators who support me, exposing each other to the other’s fan base.

i’m open to suggestions.


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This is probably the most asked question in the FB creator’s group. The deal with Patreon is that it’s not the place to find your following. It’s the place to bring your existing followers, to let them support you.

So, how were you promoting whatever it is you do before you got to Patreon? What social media strategies were you using? What groups and forums did you belong to? What were you doing to build interest in your work, and build your following?

Do that.

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Lisa has nailed it above. Patreon is the money side of your existing operations. It doesn’t bring in money on its own, it exists to help your existing fans help you by providing a solution that is trusted and that doesn’t skim too much off the top (5% is a ridiculously good deal for us).

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A mailing list also tends to help, because then you will always have access to that list despite how social media algorithms are always changing

also a good idea. thanks, mandy.