Give Away Free Patreon?

I would love to have a way where I can give my Patreon away to some of my friends to see what they think about it. Currently, I’m in a situation where I just copy and paste my posts into an email or message, and they’ll get it, but it would be nice to give away Patreon without all that fuss. I understand that Patreon does rely on some fees, but it would be nice to giveaway my Patreon subscription. Thanks!


I would also like to have a way to give a membership to some key influencers among my potential patron base, so I can get them to recommend it to people who will pay.


Yeah, it would be great to be able to give away a free month for example. I would be willing to pay a small fee for it. For me it would be a great way to promote my Patreon page and I think I would end up with more memberships.


Yep, folks have been asking for this since at least 2017, but Patreon doesn’t seem to think there’s any profit in the idea for them, so… it doesn’t get added.

Considering how valuable “free trials” can be to growing a brand/following, I think this is short sighted on their part, but they’ve never given an answer for why they won’t add this function.

Here is a long thread about this topic that you might find helpful:


Probably because the first thing I’d do is give access to my people who donate using PayPal. So, then they’d lose money in the short run.

However, I supposed that means I might actually start using Patreon as a platform rather than just as a payment manager, and maybe I’d stop looking for an alternative because I’d be more invested in it as a platform rather than just as a way to manage supporter’s payments. So, maybe it would be a long-term win.

But, what do I know?

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I totally think it would be a win.
I am pretty sure some of my patreons would ‘donate’ Patronages to other members of my community, if they could. One could limit the ‘donated month’ for one person to…3 to limit the risk of missuse — but I totally think it would help all of us inkluded patreon


Yeah. I had to create my own membership program natively just so that I could offer free memberships to certain people. Although free memberships would be nice, you know what is essential that Patreon does not do? Allow you to make a dummy account so you can test out whether things work.

They tell you just to donate money to yourself. Easy, right? I mean, the money will be returned to you, right? After Patreon takes 10% that is. rolls eyes. I have some features only available at the $50 tier. Patreon thinks I should give away money donated to me for the “privilege” to troubleshoot their own buggy service? Okay, man.


It’s true they don’t offer any kind of sandbox/dummy environment. But you can always create a new account using a different email address to test stuff. It’s not ideal, but it’s an option.

It’s not ideal, but it’s an option.

Yeah, just create a second account, give money to yourself, and allow Patreon to charge you transaction and finder fees. What’s not to love about giving Patreon money for the right to get their program to work.

Even a “sandbox” would be insufficient. I need to test how an account functions against third party stuff. Does it properly give access? I need to test their wordpress plugin, their API, and so on. There should be a way to set your admin account to act like any tier.


I’d love this as well!

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I agree. It would allow some of my doubting cohorts, to see what I’m offering and at least be able to tell other people. Just like how companies offer endorsements with musicians; they get it for free and in-turn, they support by being a kind of spokesperson. Especially for those who have a more acute demographic to reach.


Patreon does have a free version that you can offer people. Instead of signing up, they can follow you and will see the free and SFW posts you make public. You will also see that they are following you although you will not be able to message them directly, you can always give a shout-out.

I like that I can not give it away. Patreon is for those that want to contribute first and foremost. The rewards are usually secondary (or not important at all). When I tell a person about Patreon, I am asking them to support me. All the other sites are for fun, merch sales, and advertising. Patreon is different.

This can be useful for many marketing practices: membership trial, influencers recruiting, social media lucky draw, import existing membership…

One thing that may be worried about by Patreon: this feature creating a hole that lets you use the Patreon system, without giving them anything. Think about a case that you can sell the membership on your channel, but serving membership content via Patreon. But it’s not a problem for most artists who earn less than $1000 a month.


Giving away a free patreon month could also include the option of having someone else pay for it and gift it to another. This way everyone, including patreon, gets paid. I would love the option of paying for a free month for a patron going through a rough time, using it as a giveaway and I know patrons who would be interested in gifting a month to other people, to an artist they think they would like!


If you’re a premium creator, you can use your team accounts feature to give people an email subscription of all your updates. of course this isn’t highly recommended as they’ll have access to post on your behalf, but we use this feature to keep our team members in the know of all the updates being shared with patrons.

Another less than ideal, but possible ‘hack’ to do is to have these folks sign up, or sign up for them with their email address and your own payment method, and refund their payment each month.

Needless to say, being able to gift patreon, as a creator, and as a patron who wants to share the gift of patronage to a friend, would be a wonderful feature to see!


Yeah, any concerns of “abuse” of the feature are easily fixed… And the upsides are huge for creators.


You could always give yourself money from a 2nd account, and then do a REFUND :slight_smile:

Want to second this idea. Would be great to give away a free month/year, especially as a raffle prize or to help grow our Patreons.

Patreon can still request payment info, just clarify they won’t be charged until X date or whatever.


honestly i dont think that free patreon wouldnt hurt you know do a stream or like a raffle make it like a 1 or 2 dollar entry fee for how ever many people you choose and just try to make it fun sounds like a great way to get anyone to join what you got going if you want people to look at ya i might honestly do it if my dicord can hit a hundred peole abd maybe keep them doing them to who ever is mostly active who is bring more people to the server you know

Patreon itself doesn’t allow raffles, and I also don’t know the legalities of doing it in general. I don’t think that’s permitted depending on what country you live in. You’d have to look into whatever local laws you have. In general I don’t think a paid raffle would be the best way to go. I think your other idea, like rewarding active people in your community, and such would be more positively received. :slight_smile:

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