Giveaways and Raffles

While I know its in your policy to not allow giveaways as a part of the reward tiers, would it be possible you guys could revisit this and maybe allow a giveaway for each one of the tiers as long as all the tiers are done? No special spots or anything for anyone over a certain tier? I know you allow it if ALL including non patrons have access to it. Please revisit this rule/policy

Hey Jaihaze, you might want to look at a recent post patreon made about what kinds of things you -can- do.

Patreon’s stance on raffles, lotteries and giveaways | Patreon Blog

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Thanks for sharing that Temrin! We also talked about this in the most recent HangTime. The blog post provides way more detail but the HangTime can provide a nice overview for you.

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