Giving patrons the option to pay for Patreon's fees

When Patrons sign up, it would be really awesome if we could give patrons the option to cover Patreon’s fees as well. The messagings could be like “Help make sure xxxxx gets the entire amount of your pledge by covering Patreon’s fees each month” or something like that.

I bet a lot of folks would do it.


Such a great idea! What can I do to help you signal boost this?

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+1, fantastic idea.

I don’t know if this is a good user experience. As EU patron/creator I’m already put off by VAT and having another potential fee is too much, even if it’s only an optional thing.


Yes! This would be a great option! :+1:

I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t want to pay extra than the amount they pledged, although I personally would’t mind doing it. It wouldn’t hurt to offer it. It’s like the option to gift patronage: it would be great to see if/who goes for it.

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