Glory... party central, when everything is working

A thread to talk about the Glory Mindset. This that place when it all feels worth it, when you’ve reached your goal, however big or small, and can accept that feeling of success. What’s it like when you’re in this mindset? We’d love to hear past or present experiences, and we’d love to celebrate your wins with you!


So I have a question – do most folks find that Glory leads to Fear, or is that just me?

Glory is when things are all working out, and everything is awesome. . . but the questions come in. Can I sustain this? Can I replicate this? What happens if/when all this is just temporary? I find those are the questions that creep in around Glory, and they often take me back to Fear.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @SarahDawn! :slightly_smiling_face:
I certainly feel this way. It’s in those high points that I have to squash whispering voices (both in my head and asked by others) “what’s next? You achieved this, so what’s next on tap?” And that can send me straight back to a fearful place. I think, also, sometimes success looks different that we had hoped, so there can be fear that we’ll never get it exactly right. Even if what we’re experiencing is good. This isn’t always true, of course! Sometimes it’s fun to ride the wave just for riding’s sake. But I’m with you – Glory is a soft landing pad before I go back into the trenches. I tend to find myself mostly in Hope/Grit – and I try not to stay in Fear too long. But I really have to work at enjoying Glory for what it is, when I’m in it.


@SarahDawn You are not alone in feeling that way for sure! Any month I do really well or have a substantial new Patron (as in, sometimes I get someone who will pledge $100+, which is outside of any benefits I offer) I remind myself that it may be a fluke and not to count on that becoming the norm. And then I remind myself that substantial support is not a “fluke.” These people didn’t accidentally pledge to me. They may not stick around (such is often the case for NSFW creators), but at least they like what I do enough to pledge for a month or two.

Right now I’m really hesitant to go with this, but last year my goal was to continue to make at least $1k a month (after fees). I did that every month. But it didn’t feel as great as I thought it would because I see other creators similar to me making $3k or even over $5k a month. And honestly, I’ve been told I post and engage more so that’s even more frustrating. Like I’m putting in the work, but my results aren’t climbing. So I let myself focus on my next goal (or my stretch goal) instead of enjoying reaching this current goal.

But here’s the thing: not so long ago $1k a month WAS my stretch goal. I thought I’d never get there. So I’m trying to give that Glory a little more weight. Of course I want to keep going, I’d love to be self sufficient ($5k+ a month) one day, but I need to remember that it’s okay to celebrate the Glory too. :slightly_smiling_face: