Goal Prgress bar only for rewards pleadges for memberships

So I setup my goals based on the minimum rewards I was not aware people can pay anything else they want as support which is great but create a problem for me to plan my rewards based on the total amount I will recive from memberships.

Can we have an option for membership based goals to limit the the progress bar count only for reward pledges especially since I keep the amount private and calculate it based on number of patreons subscribers.

In other words I want to show the rewards patreons counts only on the goal progress. So if somone made a pledge under the minimum reward amount that person is not counted in the goal counter.

This make the accounting for rewards a nightmare since it can end up costing the creator the difference between minimal reward pledge and smaller pledges.

Besides if I try to account for the second reward pleadge the goal number will go higher and be very disappointing to wait that long for patreons.