Goals: Patron Number vs. Monetary Amount

Is the ability to remove the amount you’re making and change from monetary goals to patron numbers not available to all creators yet?

I just started a secondary Patreon account and have the ability to have goals based on number of patrons, but it is not available to my primary account (or I’m not seein’ where to change it). I looked through the help center faqs and couldn’t find it. Sorry if it is addressed elsewhere.

While we’re on the topic, what are your opinions on one vs. the other?

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I’m interested in hearing peoples’ opinions on this one too. I’ve just shifted mine over to not show my monthly income, and also my goals are now ‘number of patrons’ rather than ‘amount of money’ oriented.

Thus far my lovely patron community is super supportive of it (including you, @Lochy, thank you), and I’m interested to hear more thoughts on one vs the other.

Regarding your question, Lochy, I believe they are rolling out this new feature throughout January, so you should have it as an option sometime soon. I may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve gathered


Thanks, Nate! I’m lookin’ forward to it.

It’s been kind of helpful to me to see the potential of what I could make by seein’ the amount others in my category make. But I can definitely see how it would be a detriment once you hit a certain amount. People might start thinkin’ you make more than them so why contribute? They don’t really understand the cost or what goes into a creative business and all creative businesses are different. I several times have shared successful creators in my category with my FB to help show how Patreon works and that it does work. I’ve had a couple of people say that they went to look at the person I recommended, but they didn’t become a patron because that person “was making enough money already.”

Like you I’ve been keepin’ an eye on my average per patron since I’ve started and can make a fairly reasonable guess as to number of patrons I will need to actually achieve my next goal. I have rounded up a little just to be certain when creating my new community based goals. I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to bein’ able to make this change!

Hey @Lochy! Looks like the “hide earnings” feature is currently available to 20% of all creators. We’ve been rolling it out slowly to catch feedback/bugs, but I would imagine you will see it available on your end in the very near future.

Thanks @natemaingard for providing some info on this! :hugging:

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Thanks @ellie! Will it be located on the page editor where the monetary amount is now when it becomes available? Or will it be changed in a setting somewhere? I will definitely be on the lookout for it. :smile:

It’ll show up as a banner on top of your page when it’s available, so you shouldn’t miss it.

P.S. You will prob see this very soon, as I was able to get you early access. :wink:

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I just saw it and instantly got to work changin’ everything over. Thanks, Ellie! :heart_eyes:

I did notice one issue when you switch to community goals and then click “view all” to see the list it shows something like this:


No matter which of the above I click it takes me to my very first goal.

I’m sure this has already been brought to someone’s attention, but thought I’d mention it if it hasn’t. It’s so far a minor glitch and I’m overall very pleased with this new feature. :kissing_heart:

Oh weird–not sure what that’s about, @Lochy! Investigating now…

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Hey @Lochy! Just heard back from the team looking into that bug, and it sounds like what you’re seeing in the goals section is something we’re planning on fixing, but not currently prioritizing over other bugs. I’ll let you know when any action is taken to fix it–in the meantime, it shouldn’t affect any functionality.

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Thanks so much for checkin’ into it. :slight_smile:

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