Goals shows wrong one?

Today when I go to my own page, the goal display “$NNN of $MMM per month” is always showing my very highest defined goal (the largest possible MMM) – not the one I’m actually working toward at the moment.

Does anyone else get that too?


Yes, I noticed that yesterday as well. I was gonna wait a couple of days to mention it as I figured it was a temporary glitch.


We’re looking into this! I don’t know if this is a glitch or not :slight_smile:

I would say definitely a glitch. I’m $7 from the next goal, which should be pretty motivating for someone considering joining, except it shows $207 to the next goal. Aargh! :slight_smile:

Well it has just come to my attention something terrible. For some reason Patreon goals are displaying backwards, more specifically it’s showing the highest goal first instead of the lowest goal. One of the best benefits of goals besides a sense of community accomplishment when you achieve one is that they are a great method of bringing in patrons. When someone sees that a goal is close to being complete it may get them in the mood to join in just so they can force you over the goal.

That possibility however is entirely shattered though if it’s showing the highest goal first leaving no one to have the thought that they can bump you into achieving a goal even if in reality you were $1 away from your next lowest goal.


Any update/ETA on this being fixed?

No update on this. I’ll check when folks are back in the office tomorrow.

Mine went back to normal a couple of days ago, but appears to be showing last goal first again.

Mine is showing the last goal as well – I’m thinking of going in and deleting several goals so it doesn’t seem so crazy-unrealistic to a new person checking out the site.

Same, I hope this is a glitch and they will change this back, it’s not very motivating! :confused:

So, @carla, now that we’re past tomorrow… Any news from the folks back in the office?

Do we all need to delete our higher goals if we want the current one to show?

Checking in again – it seems somewhat intermittent from your reports (and a few others), so doing some additional digging on this one!

This is another bug that has been filed (it was filed before this, somehow in my travels I didn’t hear about it!). I don’t have a timeline on a fix, but will share as I hear more.

Still happening on my page as well which is frustrating as I am pretty close to my next goal… but MILES away from the one showing!

I just deleted my last goal as it showed 0% and that was kind of depressing. :sweat_smile: Now it shows I’m 1% to being a full-time artist. Not sure if that’s much better. Haha! :joy:

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I’d been noticing this on my page for a week or two too, and dropped by to see if others were having the same issue. Glad to know it’s being looked into!

I recently met a difficult goal, and I’m close enough to it that, after declined payments on May 1, I could drop back below. I’d really like for that to be the goal that shows, so that my readers have more of a sense of urgency to re-meet it or fix their pledges if needed.

Yeah, this is really lame… I just passed a goal, and my options are to delete everything above the now-current goal (so only that one shows), or delete everything above the goal-just-passed (so that one shows if we fall back under tomorrow).

Why is Patreon ignoring this bug and forcing us to choose which of our goals to delete?

@carla isn’t there some way to prioritize bugs that are active impacting creators?

FWIW it hasn’t been coming-and-going for me – it’s been a constant problem since I reported it.

I highly doubt it’s being ignored. Its been filed as per previous responses. Keep in mind that Patreon is a fairly small team still and this is likely not the only bug or feature they are making tweaks too at this moment.

Patreon is also not forcing you to do anything. That seems pretty harsh. Perhaps screenshot what goal you want people to see and make a social media posts or patreon posts about your goal and how far away you are from it. (I can still seem to scroll through my goals and if you cant, you can also make your own progress bar image for a visual for social.) There are always options that don’t necessarily involve deleting goals, and that is purely your choice, not patreon forcing anything. They are also human and can only work so fast.

It also takes time to pinpoint issues in programming that could be causing and to fix those without breaking something else. (Programming is not easy. The rate of times fixing one thing breaks something is else is really high. It’s why it takes time for patches and features to be made and thoroughly tested to ensure that it’s not going to cause other problems and even then, release bugs are common because there are only so many factors you can account for before something goes live.)

I know the bug sucks, it’s affecting me too, but it really comes down to, would you prefer them bring something out without thorough testing or not being very sure it’s the cause and run the risk if breaking everything else, or them making sure they’ve actually got the issue and fix it with the least chance of something else essential messing up?

I’d say give them some more time. I realize this is incredibly impactful because it’s the end of the month when people are pushing for support but everyone, even Patreon staff, have timelines, weekends and real life to attend to as well. (Its the weekend so I don’t think they are likely working right now, really.)

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With all due respect, please don’t speak for Patreon, and please don’t speak for me.

If Patreon wants to step up and say they’ve opted to pass over modern software development, so they don’t do continuous integration and don’t have automated tests and can’t validate a release of software without extensive manual QA – so it will simply take longer to see a fix – I would be fine hearing that. Even with the most byzantine development practices, though, I can’t see why they can’t give a better ETA than “I’m told a bug has been filed for it.” As a for instance, they could share the priority of the bug, or the release it is scheduled to be fixed for, or failing all else, simply tell us whether it’s being worked on or not. Surely they must have an issue tracking system that tells them all these things. Perhaps they could give Carla read-only access to it. Perhaps they could give all creators read-only access to it. Whatever the case, though, I’d like to hear it from them.

And, for my part, I would like to have the current site working great at the cost of all else. Before merchandise or fulfillment or anything else, I’d like to have goals and notifications working, for instance. And if something core to the site is broken, such as goals, I’d like them to drop everything and fix it. If it’s broken and too hard to fix, I’d like them to remove it rather than letting broken parts hang out. Once they’re incredibly proud of the current site, I would like them to move on to new features. If they feel their team is too small to address the bugs in the site in a timely fashion, I would like them to use a small portion of the sixty million dollars they recently raised to hire some more sharp developers. If they disagree with all of this, which of course they may, I’d like to hear their vision for moving the site forward.