Goals shows wrong one?

While I agree that more information on what they are doing, expected dates, etc would be great, they still aren’t forcing you to do anything. If an outside perspective and some other options to try in the situation was “speaking for you” then I am sorry. That is not what I was doing, just simply giving another perspective since Patreon staff are also people just like us who have deadlines and stuff they have to manage. It’s almost Impossible to have one thing be the dominant focus. Goals not working aren’t preventing us from getting paid or working atm either.

Also, automation is only as good as the creator and any good team will always take the time to test and create different environments on their own as well. While I don’t know Patreons inner workings, I do know that any team like this has schedules and needs of all their staff outside of things that pop up and not everything can just be dropped, especially when some things likely aren’t reliant on just their team. (I also don’t feel like goals are super essential. A while where it’s working funny but everything else essential to getting income is working and there are temporary options to get goal info out there in the meantime doesn’t seem to be a big deal compared to other things but maybe that’s just me. Everyone has their wants and needs and Patreons different teams have to try to cater to them all. The least we can do is understand that things take time and aren’t always easy fixes. Not everything is flexible. :confused: )

But that’s just my 2 cents. You do you. Definitely not saying don’t keep asking but there are always options and ways around bugs until they get fixed.

I’m so sorry that I don’t have a great answer here. I don’t know where this sits in the priority queue – and endeavor to report back as soon as I know more.


Hi Carla - I’m guessing this forum isn’t the best place to submit a bug report or suggest a priority bump for a given issue (especially since these forum posts aren’t in any way tied in to your bug tracking system).

Is there a better way to do this? Or, might I suggest creating a bug or issue reporting forum on here specifically that you could assign someone in QA to look at and provide info updates to the community on a regular basis?


Sorry for the delay in response. There has been a bug filed, but I don’t have great visibility into where this falls into the pile of all the bugs the team is addressing.

Just so you know, when there’s a bug, it does get reported in our internal channels right away. We take steps to reproduce it and then go through a normal process of bug evaluation from there.

With product requests, product changes, or desired improvements, those get flagged to the appropriate product manager, who then prioritizes it. In that case it could be that we conduct additional research, we look at our roadmap and other product changes that are in the pipeline, and prioritize from there.

I do keep a rough eye on the product priorities, but because things can change, it’s hard for me to be the one to promise anything. That’s much better coming from the product team, who do jump in here too.


Just a quick update here – this is being worked on! Thanks again for all the advocacy here to make certain this gets fixed.


Great news, thanks.

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Thank you for all the info…!

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Thanks for all you do, Carla! :slight_smile:

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Hi all - hot off the presses, this fix just went out about a minute ago!


Thanks, much better now!


Just wanted to pop in and let you folks know that it’s still an intermittent problem. I’ve seen a few folks post about it recently and I’m also dealing with the issue as well and have had reports from my viewers showing me that it’s showing the wrong one and causing confusion because i’ve been talking about being 2% away from the next goal and that’s not what shows up.

Firefox (for me) shows up fine. Chrome is out of order (showing the next goal, not the currently worked on one), logged in or out of patreon. (I’ve also sent in a support ticket)

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