Going From Tiered Patreon To Flat Price Patreon

I am changing up my tiered system and moving to a flat system. Just making it a single cost.

I would like to know what will happen to previous posts on Patreon that were for specific tiers? Is there a way to make them available to all patreon supporters after the change?

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Unfortunately there is no mass edit feature, and you most likely will have to go individually through them, depending on their tier, how you restructure, and when they were posted.

We’ve asked for a bulk-editing feature for years, to no avail. That request has fallen on deaf ears, like so many others.


You’ll have to edit each post individually. I had to do that last year when I restructured my page. It’s a huge pain, but, until Patreon finally pays attention and does something about it, it’s the only option you have right now.


You can use the filter options to bring up posts set to any tier you are eliminating. Then edit them and set them to all patrons (no reason to set them to a specific tier if you are going to a flat structure).