"Goodbye Page" feature?

Patreon emphasizing the importance of a “thank you” video triggered this idea:

how about a “goodbye” page too.

It’d be an extremely easy-to-implement feature, yet it in a 9,99% of cases it may even work as a “deterrent” for those who aren’t 100% sure about leaving.

I don’t know, I’d prolly make a video featuring some of the patrons-only content and this song:

Because trust me when I say, Irony will save the world (while preventing 9,99% of your patrons from leaving, lol).

Or -on a more “serious” note- it can also be a custom exit-survey.
Many of my patrons told me they don’t really care about the existing one and just picked a random reason on their way out, so feedbacks may not be 100% accurate at present.
A custom survey based on the actual content you’ve been offering would prolly be more engaging/helpful, I guess.

Thanks in advance!


Hey there @TheWorst! Thanks for making this feature suggestion post.

I think you’re right and these kinds of suggestions are just what our product team are interested in hearing! It sounds like you’d like more control over the messages that go out to Patrons leaving? As well as creating a final page when they complete the process that you could customize? Let me know if I’m hearing you right.


Hey there @mindy!
Yeap, you’ve heard super right, that is.

I think giving us more control over that stage -because whether we like it or not, I believe “unpledging” it’s still part of our “relationship” with patrons- would prolly offer us the chance to learn (and grow) from very specific mistakes (if there are any) or to just let them know that “we’re sorry to see you leaving” in either a funny way (like I did) or in any way we feel like saying it.
No matter the approach each creator would choose, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a unique one. And that would be great too. :slight_smile:


Love this! I’ve been using Bonjoro to say goodbye and thanks but having it built it would be great.


That’s a great idea! Thanks! I hope they will do it!


Great idea! I’ve been sending emails to patrons when they leave. Something along the lines of letting them know I understand things in life change and thanking them for their past support.

Most people ignore it, which is fine, but some have repledged. Arguably even more valuable, some have let me know their REAL reason for quitting, which is so helpful to know!


LOVE the idea of a custom exit survey.


I’ll weigh in on the usefulness of this - I find I have some impulsive pledgers, and then when the first of the month rolls around and their card declines, they realize they were impulsive. AND - I’m HORRIBLE about monthly goals, and nego feedback might kick my arse into gear.

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I think this is a wonderful idea.


Oh, I’m curious how Bonjoro has been working for you for goodbyes? That’s so brave!


I would love a feature like this - while most of my patrons have messaged me privately and given me their reason for leaving having a built in custom survey would be wonderful! I love receiving feedback and something like this would help me grow.


Hey!!! Hope you are well!

It has worked good in two ways…

One, for me is makes me feel better, to just say thanks and that I really appreciate their support, even if I don’t hear back from them (which most of them I don’t) I feel like it gives me a chance to close things out in a personal positive way.

Two, for a few patrons it gives them a chance to say why they are leaving and to get their perspective out there, the people who I have heard from have given me a variety of reasons and it has always been a positive exchange.

The one thing I’ve learned about Bonjoros is they are best, short and sweet…so a just say “Hey SuzieQ this is Drew/Scooter and I just wanted to thank you for your past support of Sleep With Me. I really arrpicate your support of the podcast and just wanted to say thanks! So thanks SuzieQ!”

I tried a few times telling them if they had feedback or anything like that to please let me know but that did not seem to increase response so I dropped it.