Google Analytics Workshop with Patreon: Aug 22

We’re running a live workshop for Patreon creators who want to learn how to use Google Analytics with their page. It will aim to cover the basics of integrating the two and specific parts of GA that will help you learn more about how your Patreon page is performing.

When : Wednesday August 22, 9.30am PDT
Where : register on Crowdcast
Who : myself and @buster, who worked directly on this feature

Before the workshop be sure to set up your page following these instructions so you can follow along at home.
Leave any questions you want answered below so we can ensure we cover them in the workshop.

Register HERE to save your spot and receive an email reminder near the time.


the workshop is tomorrow! hope you can come :slight_smile:

Leave any specific questions you want answered below so we can ensure we cover them in the workshop.

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We’re 15 mins away our free Patreon + Google Analytics workshop :smiley:

Join here:

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Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined today! If you missed it or want a repeat, you can watch it back here.

Keep adding your GA questions to the thread, and I’ll make a new post soon about future workshop suggestions so we can all have an input :slight_smile:

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It’s probably worth mentioning that the actual content of this video starts sometime after the 20-minute mark.

Update! YouTube video here with no lengthy weird intro :smiley:

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michaelprescott requested some links frm the workshop so here we go!

Understanding the pledge flow

  • bePatron (start pledge flow)
  • /join/username/checkout
  • bePatronConfirm
  • bePatronDone (complete pledge flow)
  • Explore traffic through here

Setting up UTM markers

  • utm_source=arguingishard
  • &utm_medium=website
  • &utm_campaign=test
  • Acquisition > Referrals
  • Acquisition > Social > Twitter

Tracking conversions
Google Analytics > Acquisition

  • Acquisition > Referrals
  • Acquisition > Social > Twitter

Hmm, this link errors when I try. Is it open for all or?

D’oh! I just updated it, sorry about that.

@mindy More than anything else, if we could get the content as text that would be super useful. Especially things like the URLs for the signup flow.