"Grandfather clause"

Right now, my patrons are paying $3/month. I’d like to increase this to $5 in the future, but only for “new” patrons. In other words, I’d like the original patrons who were paying $3 to still have all access without needing to increase to $5.

Is anybody else interested in this?

Another option would be to just increase to $5 and hope the original $3 patrons increase their pledge (but I kind of feel like I’m screwing them over or something). What do you think?

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I definitely like this idea. Long time pledgers getting a little discount is a nice touch!

I have changed up my patreon a few times over the years. I’ve gone through a process with my patrons to discuss whats changing, get their feedback, etc. None of them have really had an issue with price changes. The one issues i’ve found is having people not pick a new reward after the changes. (I usually delete tiers I’m changing the price of so that people on the old one have to pick something to get a reward from there.) But i have noticed in the past, when i have changed the price of a tier without deleting it, those who were still pledging to it are still there and on that reward tier, so it might already be possible? They could have fixed that since the last time i did that though so I’m not sure.

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Here’s a workaround you could try:

  1. Limit the number of people who can pledge at the $3 level, so no new patrons can pledge to this tier. For example, if you have 15 patrons on this level, limit the number of people to 10. This will keep all the current 15 patrons on the $3 level, but prevent any new patrons
  2. Set up a new $5 tier, and list all the $3 tier rewards on the $5 tier as well.
  3. Every time you post content that the old $3 patrons and the new $5 patrons should be able to access, set it to $3 patrons and up.

This should, I think, create the situation you want (though in a rather awkward way).


This is actually very easy to do.

You can unpublish reward tiers. This doesn’t remove the reward tier nor the patrons within it, it just prevents new patrons from joining at that tier.

So, unpublish the $3 tier, and publish a new $5 tier that’s exactly like the old $3 one.

I still have a pile of patrons at my $0.05 and $0.50 levels (I’m a per-creation campaign releasing 9 creations per month on average, so a $0.50 supporter still brings in $4.50 on a typical month), but those levels have been unpublished because Patreon doesn’t allow for people to sign up at sub-$1 levels anymore.

(Which is a whole other issue, I’ve literally made thousands of dollars from sub $1 pledges)


My issue with this, is that unpublishing a tier pretty much makes that tier not show up in the logs for your paid patrons each month. Those patrons just show up as “no reward” which in turn make its a lot of work cataloging who’s on what tier for those unpublished tiers when it -should- just be something you could do on the site. I’d rather cap it so no one else can pledge to it so it still shows up in the monthly roster than have to keep some separate log of who’s on what unpublished tier. (This is harder for those who may offer more specific rewards per tier, things that need mailing or specific file delivery, etc. and not something you can just mass send to all. And if you want to add or alter something on that tier, it’s really not going to show up on the site either.)

It would just be nice if there was a function to restrict a tier to current patrons only, have it greyed out so people can’t purchase it anymore. Similar to how when a Kickstarter tier is full/closed, it still shows up on the page but it’s no longer purchasable.

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That is totally not what happens in the backend on mine.

I have three listed groups below my lowest tier, one of them is no reward, the others are my old 5c tier and my old 50c tier.

Then i am not sure what is up, because in the monthly roundup that shows who successfully paid and who didn’t, my unpublished tiers are not listed what so ever. Not even when there was someone still on one of them and i unpublished it, it never showed up.

Thanks, but couldn’t they just pledge $3.01?

While they could do this, they’d fall into the ‘no tier’ category. Posts would be visible, but messages wouldn’t. You could at least keep track of it.

What’d give it away would be when a non-patron sees the page and it’d say “Pledge $3 or more to unlock!” but they wouldn’t see a $3 option on the tier selection page.

I decided that one of my tiers was no longer necessary. Virtually nobody was using it, so I figured the cost/value wasn’t there and I might as well ditch it to avoid making the tier decision too hard. I’m giving the one person on it at the end the benefit of the next tier up.

This is a little different from the “grandfather” because the next tier up already existed. It’s more that I’d like to merge tiers, or move a person to a higher tier to give them the benefits of that tier (but leave their pledge unchanged at the lower tier value).

I know the backend supports this mechanically, because I have people with different pledges on the same tier from when Patreon introduced the whole-dollar rounding error a while back. But there’s no UI that would allow a creator to mix pledges in the same tier on purpose.