Graphtreon (Data, Stats, Ranking, and Creator Search)

Share your Graphtreon and findings!

For those of you that do not know, Graphtreon offers data about your Patreon, with a timeline of your growth, ranking in general and ranking specific to your category. It is also a great way to search creators. (I wish there was some way to integrate it into Patreon, but at least there is this!)

My Graphtreon:

On mine you can see my growth dropped when it went from the green line to the orange and then flatlined. That was when I went from monetary goal to community goals and added my NSFW Patreon. The drop is due to a couple of my higher level patrons going over to my NSFW Patreon so there wasn’t actually a drop in income. I think the flatlining is due to the change from monetary to community. I didn’t notice this trend or make the connection until I checked my Graphtreon. It definitely deserves another look and I’ll probably poll my patrons to see what they would like.


This is awesome! Thanks for notifying me of this.

My Graphtreon:

I’m still processing my data. I suspect i will have to come back to it after i get over whatever sickness has befallen my household BUT, i LOVE data and this makes me incredibly happy!

-14 patreons (hey look! Its the bots I keep kicking!) That yellow line is such a scramble because of them. Augh.

The youtube subscribers is wrong or I am misunderstanding it. It says subscribers and those spikes are wroooong, i’ve never had that many subs. Ever. XD So i dont know what is up there. (facebook and twitter look alright though off the top of my head.)

I’ll have to delve into this more later :3

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Not really sure what to say except I’ve struggled to grow the last few months after being pretty good about it up until that point.

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I don’t know what’s up with that youtube number. My FB and Twitter numbers look about right. It’s great bein’ able to see those to get an idea of others’ social media activity and numbers outside Patreon.

I’m finding it useful to see what the people just above and just below me are doing differently so I can make adjustments. On Patreon we can all see the top creators for our categories, but most of us are so far off from that it’s hard to determine what they’re doing in comparison other than having sheer numbers over us. By lookin’ at those who are a little closer to our rank we can get an inkling of their social media activity and look at their Patreon to see what they’re doing that might be something we want to incorporate into ours.

I love that you can search by adult content too.

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It looks like you’ve had a consistent climb over a short amount of time, which is very good. I think we all took a dip in December for obvious reasons. But if you look at your other two little dips, they are both in November, possibly people shopping for Christmas and having to reallocate resources.

For having only started in July, you are very close to being in the top 100 of your category. If you keep at your current rate, it looks like you’ll probably be there before your Patreon anniversary. For just starting on Patreon you’re doing very well.


My Graphtreon: :wink:

Growth is bumpy, but steadily increases over time :slight_smile:

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About the Youtube stats, if you go to your Patreon page: and on the left under your earnings, click on the Youtube icon. You will see it goes to a page that doesn’t exist. That confuses the Graphtreon code which detects your Youtube channel using that link, that’s why the stats are messed up in the past. Graphtreon figured it out eventually, and has been tracking the correct Youtube channel for a while. I’ll see if I can remove the old bad Youtube stats for your Graphtreon page.

I would recommend that you fix your Youtube link on Patreon though :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the stats and the search capability. :heart_eyes:

Is there a way to change the category I’m in or am I stuck with the one I originally had myself in when I started? At first I put myself in “comics” because I consider my art comic style even though I don’t actually make comics. I thought “drawing and painting” seemed too fine arts for what I do, but I realized later that’s probably actually where similar creators are. I can live with the comics category, but I was just curious if Graphtreon will automatically correct that at some point since I changed it on my Patreon a while back.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: It’s always great to hear about people finding Graphtreon useful.

Yup, I can change your category on Graphtreon. I’ll have it changed tomorrow.

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Ah, thank you so much! I didn’t mean to say you should go in and change it. I was mostly curious if it would automatically do that on it’s own after changin’ it on Patreon. Thank you very much for doing that though. :blue_heart:

I’m actually not able to get what category a campaign is in from Patreon. I created a program to try and determine what a creator’s category is based on their description. So, a category on Graphtreon will not change even if a creator changes it on Patreon. :slight_smile:

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I did the same - switched from Drawing/Painting to Video instead. Graphtreon still shows me under the first category and if you can switch that for me as well, that’d be great. My content is about painting, but I think it fits better under video, as they’re instructional.

I’ll switch yours tomorrow as well.


Here’s mine, going back to when Graphtreon launched (about 16 months after I launched).

One thing you can really see in mine is the end-of-month dips where patrons’ cards fail to clear and then the rebuild over the next few days as they fix their card issues.

I’m a per-creation campaign, and I have a hundred or so patrons still supporting me at under $1 per creation, so my revenue numbers were never remotely accurate on Graphtreon, and in time I just hid that data.

Thanks for all of this help!

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o.O I’ve never changed my Youtube link so that’s extremely odd. I’ll fix that. Thanks!


woah I’ll definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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And I have a problem.
I create interviews with artists who create NSFW content. Out of curiosity, I wanted to check my statistics on Graphtreon. When I logged in to this page and found my account … it turned out that my account was in the “Adult Music” category. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is this a page error? Is it my fault? I definitely entered my Patreon account in the “Adult Magazines” category.:thinking:

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Graphtreon is unrelated to Patreon and they categorize each creator based on their internal system of keywords and content.

I’m a writer on Graphtreon. On Patreon I draw maps.