Graphtreon Patron & Creator Dashboard [New Feature]

Check a new feature I just launched on Graphtreon: Patron & Creator Dashboard.

Go to and Log in with Patreon to get a custom stats list of creators you support, have supported, and if you are a creator, instant stats for your campaign as well.

Let me know what you think of it!

  • Tom

Thanks Tom! I dig this platform. What’s the TL’DR on what’s coming in 2019? I’m considering supporting.


I will continue to improve Graphtreon in 2019. I don’t talk about specific features I am working on because Graphtreon is a personal project and keeping those to myself is a sort of a psychological life hack for me. Source:


Full respect - there’s some cool behavioral science behind public commitments (not saying you have to, but perhaps dig into that perspective sometime if you’re looking to further this rabbit hole of awesome self-hacks :slight_smile:) Looking forward to following your journey!