Grid / multi post view CSS style example/proposal

As a creator and after several years of content, browsing back posts is truly a hassle!
Even with search and tags, it’s just super slow. Because of that I’ve been using a custom local CSS style to see my own published posts in a grid, which has greatly improved my experience and makes finding and editing a lot easier (specially when you create a new tier and have to manually include them in all previous posts… ).
I would like to propose something similar to this for creators, so we can manage our published content better.
(Please consider, I’m no expert on web design! just wanted to make my life easier!).

(censored a bit because I’m a NSFW artist)

Today I also made a similar thing for the main posts page, because believe it or not, not everyone uses mobile to browse content, there’s still people with desktop for whom infinite scroll 1 post a a time is pretty slow.


They might not be aesthetically wonderful, and it doesn’t work for every page, but after all CSS is not my expertise and this was mostly done by trial and error and out of desperation for a better browsing experience.

I made this for my personal use, but if someone wants to give it a try, I used a chrome extension called stylish, where you can add local CSS to a website.

You can import these styles to the extension using this backup file.

Needless to say, I made this for desktop browsing. I know mobile users are like 80% of every website now, but there’s still creators who make and consume content from their desktop computers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Final Note: again, I’m no expert so I can’t guarantee this will work for you. If someone has better CSS knowledge, feel free to insult my mess :rofl:


This is amazing, but it’s so sad that Patreon has let this issue fester for so long that a user has had to go and do it for them out of desperation. Again, shame on you Patreon. Great work @supersatanson!


That pretty much says it all.


@supersatanson :wave: Sherene from the Patreon product marketing team here.

I really appreciate you taking the time to mock up this up. I wanted to share an update here - we are now actively working on how we can improve content organization on Patreon.

I have taken your specific feedback (and your amazing mockup!) to our product team as they start to dig into this area.

that’s great to hear! I was sad no one seemed to try this on their own so I thought I was just crazy-talking :sweat_smile:
Hope you guys can make browsing back a better experience! many supporters get turned off from patreon because of that, so it would be a great upgrade. Thank you!

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