Growing for Musicians

Hey there, my name is Sören, and I am a Singer/Songwriter from Germany

I started Patreon in 2016 with just a bunch of supporters (around 5 from January till December). I did not mentioned it a lot on my social media, and did not care, because I had my earnings from YouTube…

After not beeing successfull at all with 6 patrons (8 at the peak), I restarted the whole patreon-site with a fresh video, new Photo, new text, and a week of postings on all my social media channels (well, all… YouTube & Facebook).
Supporters punched in and I went up from 6 to 46 in just one month.
With at least one music video a month and at least 3 posts about patreon in my social media I reached 72 in december 2017 (peak point this year was 79).

From there on in 2018 it somehow stuck (did I reached the end of the line?). I just gained 10 more patrons over the year.

I decided to push it really hard again in 2019. There was a new album in line, so I decided to really bind those two things together. The Album with an autograph, three months before it actually will come out, only for my patreons.
Also I signed in to bonjoro and welcomed every new patron personally.

I started to live stream music every thursday for some hours, and that was one of the best things happening to me in 2019. Nearly every week, during the stream I gained at least one new Patron.

Also I worked out a list with all patrons and put them in my calendar to thank them at their anniversarys (one year, two years, etc., only with 40 seconds videos). There were a lot of thank you mails and people where very greatful and enjoyed these little clips.

The album campaign, together with the streams pushed my patrons to a new height of 120 patrons.

In the end of the year I decided to challenge myself, and my patrons, to push it even further. I told them, that I would release a new music video every week until the end of the year, the moment we reach 150 patrons.

It worked out. Peak point 2019 was 162 patrons.
At the moment we are 145.

I am just thinking of doing a new version of my patreon video, and I am thinking of new ways to create a new album in 2020, with working even closer with the patreons.

What were your most successfull pushings for your music channels so far?
Did you had similar experiences?

By the way: Here is my channel:

Best wishes


You’re doing great, thanks for the inspiration!


Great job!

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