Growing your Art Patreon - conceptual art

Hey! :rose: :rose:

I’m a rope artist, visual artist and a photographer. Doing Photography for over a decade, with now expressing through the art of knots. With everything I’ve done in life (corporate environment, wedding/event photography and videography, photo retouching for magazines and individuals, book cover publishes, this and that…) I still didnt feel satisfied as an artist so I’ve decided to focus my attention to Rope.

The art of Shibari knots, the art of Kinbaku the connection, is a Japanese art that is now wordy known and spread due to media and other sources. My approach into it is always organic. Natural. I feel the rope and the subject (flower bloom, stone or a tree) and where it wants to go (rope). The story continues.

Anyway, growth of my patreon is purely due to my friends, due to people I’ve met during my years of expos, performances and gigs. The people who got really interested more into the art, less into the “how to” aspect of it. They are my lovely patrons-lurkers who sent me lovely direct msgs of support and asking when/where will be my next exhibit.

The second website that helps me in my patreon is definitely FetLife, that is when you dig in deep, a really beautiful site of creative souls who really enjoy +18 art. Ofc there is always bad seeds in the bunch, but w/e. Instagram and facebook are just banning me, for anything I’m posting, cos it has rope in it.

So its mostly - spread by talk/words by people. When they see my work expo’d. Yes’ im so in need of many more to aim for even bigger projects, but it will come with time. I have that “artist syndrome” of not pitching myself enough but when I remember the rough reality we are living in ---- bills, housing, living…

I’m asking how do you reach out for a bigger number?


A lot of folks reach larger numbers on social media platforms and those who do content that might be considered NSFW, generally post a crop of some work to advertise and have a link to their patreon.

As for Instagram and Facebook banning you, yeah they have rules about certain hashtag use (there’s yearly lists of tags Instagram has “Banned”, which is quite silly what it generally on them, but what can you do) and certain topics/body parts/etc.

Twitter might be a better place for you to try at the moment. Or perhaps if you are interested in blogging platforms and less social media, PillowFort allows NSFW content.

Best of luck!

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