Hang Time 2020

Every month, Patreon CEO Jack Conte and members of the Patreon team go live for Hang Time, where they highlight all the news, events and announcements they think creators need to know about.

In the last Hang Time of 2019 we asked viewers to fill out a quick survey to give us feedback on how we can continue to improve it. One of the clear things we saw is that you want more creator guests on Hang Time! We asked What do you wish we started (or did more of) during Hang Time? and here are some of the responses:

  • Is it possible to incorporate a creator interview every month?
  • Interview successful creators about what works for them, and how they’ve gotten past roadblocks in their career
  • Keep it up with your interviews with staff as well as creators
  • Creator Success Stories, ideas for Patreon rewards
  • Hearing from @chibird was the best! more of that pls

To kick off in 2020, the creators of Talking Simpsons will be joining us this Friday, January 24th at 10am PST. You won’t want to miss it.


:clap: Looking forward to it!

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Thanks to everyone who joined today! If you weren’t able to, you can always watch the replay any time.

@OdeChan kindly wrote up the tips from Maura, Head of Data Science at Patreon aka the god of data: -

  • Normal conversion rates of IG to patreon is 0.5-5%
  • Frequently promoting your page will help conversions.
  • Images in tiers convert better than those without.
  • Try to check your page on mobile and see that it looks good.
  • Avoid having too much text on your page to avoid needing to scroll a lot.
  • Exclusiveness and recognition are two key rewards that help convert (ask your patrons what they would like).
  • On YouTube: Have your Patreon URL in both the pinned comment and the top of your description.
  • 3-7 days is average amount for early access.
  • Podcasters: spell out your patreon URL during the podcast episodes

From Bob and Henry, Talking Simpsons:

  • Collaborating with people is good, but collaborating with people that are from different areas (both geographically and types of professions) is great for expanding audience.

For February’s Hang Time, we’re going to have Snap Judgement join us! Plus, we’ll be talking all about our announcement this week about international currencies and more.

Make sure to RSVP to get the reminders :slight_smile:

Right now, we need some social support more than ever. That’s why tomorrow’s Hang Time livestream hosted by JackConte and thetarynarnold at 10 AM PT will be focused on advice & resources to help creators make the most of this trying time. Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

RSVP here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/hang-time-march-2020/register

For those who have been regular attendees of Hang Time, we wanted to pause for a moment to say thank you. Seriously, thank you for joining us every month to laugh, learn, and even cry!

We’re always looking for ways to improve and grow; we’d love to hear your feedback on Hang Time.

  1. What’s your favorite hang time moment?
  2. What do you want to see covered that’s not been shared so far?
  3. Is there something else we could do in the time to better serve your needs?

No idea is too small or weird!

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