HangTime on Friday! Come watch CEO Jack Conte

You can register to join the Patreon team for a HangTime this Friday at 10 am Pacific Time. CEO Jack Conte and one of our marketing team members Taryn will be answering questions and sharing the latest from Patreon.

The best thing is that you can also submit questions to us in advance - even though I’ll be sending a list from community to them too, you can also see what other folks are interested in hearing!


I’ve signed up. Looking forward to it.

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And this Friday too! If you’d like to listen, chime in, and hear from Jack this Friday, you can do so by registering here:

I’ve tried and tried to figure out how to submit a question, without success.

And - is it available as a mobile app? or do we sign in on a browser on mobile? I wish you guys would be just a bit more explanatory for those people doing something with you for the first time. I’m techie, but not clued in to everything. Thanks. Granny

Hmm, if you want, I’ll send your question directly to Taryn and Jack – sorry you haven’t been able to submit one.

This is how to use mobile: http://docs.crowdcast.io/faq/does-crowdcast-work-on-mobile. As it says, on Android devices, you can use it right in browser, on iOS devices you need to download an app.

Hi Carla my question is actually a suggestion. I would love to be able to have a way that Patreon could let us creators cross connect with each other without any money transfer, so no matter what the lowest Patron level is with a reward, we could cross connect with each other and no money would change hands and that way we could keep tabs on each other and support each other a little stronger.

OK! Shared with Taryn and Jack. This is a really interesting idea - just a way to keep creators learning and supporting one another.

Yes it is a way for us to learn and grow with each other. My notion is that both creators would have to opt-in to sharing with each other it couldn’t be a one-way thing.

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Another idea would be to Simply Implement a Creator to create or tear that would involve no money transfer but would allow access at the basic Patron level for each creator and people could opt in or opt out. I’m dictating while driving and I hope you can make sense of what that said cuz I don’t have the ability to go back and edit it.

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Hey gang - I went ahead and made a discord server to keep talking about how to make Patreon work for us: https://discord.gg/uBFUBwh

If you were in the chat, I mentioned it, so swing on by.

Hi Carla, hoping this is a question they can get to in this month’s Hang Time. I’ll be at the Clamour gathering near Palm Springs but will tune in – it’s a HUGELY valuable way to get more out of Patreon, and it makes me feel super supported.

BTW – is Hang Time something we could use to connect with our peeps as well? Is there a relationship between Patreon and HangTime?

Peggy Glenn


We do have a relationship with Crowdcast – you can see more in the [Partner Directory](https://partners.patreon.com/), so it’s definitely a tool you can use with your patrons too.

Just a quick note - we have a new HangTime this Friday: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/hang-time-may-2018/register

You can submit questions in advance and vote up on others you’d like to see answered.

Is Hangtime happening August 10th? Same bat time? Same bat channel?

It looks like this will be August 18th! More info to come.