Has anyone ever tried a short term Patreon drive of sorts?

So I’m thinking of trying a Patreon drive (I’m sure there’s a better name) of sorts with my audience. My thought is to throw out a “special reward” for anyone who supports me at any level on Patreon by a certain date. The reward would be a one time deal, not recurring. The hope is that once they begin supporting many would stay–especially if these are something I can do periodically throughout the year as a bonus.

I’m curious if anyone has ever done anything like this before and how it went. Not sure yet about the reward, but I realize that the success of this may largely hinge on the perceived value of the reward.

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I have done something to this effect multiple times. The first time I did a little drawing of my patrons if they wrote something I could quote about why they became a patron. I got one new patron that month who participated. Didn’t cost me anything, but a little time to draw up a picture.

At the beginning of the year I did a postcard set, thinking that maybe a physical reward might be more effective. It was rather unsuccessful and it was one of those things where I bit off more than I could chew. I started work on a 14 postcard series. At the time I had a monthly postcard reward tier for $10. For the promotion, anyone pledging $1 would get their choice of the postcards (the $10 reward) and anyone at the $10 level would get the entire set. It was literally the first month I didn’t get one new patron. I extended it for 3 months and only got one new $1 patron during that time who has chosen to not receive rewards. My current patrons were excited about the reward, but I just didn’t get any outside interest to speak of.

I did another when I had my Patreon anniversary and offered a choice of 2 posters to anyone who joined (and all current patrons of course). I got two new patrons, one who chose not to receive a reward. You’d think I’d learn, but I have another promotion going on right now for the first 100 people who become patrons. I’m nothing if not determined.

All in all, I’ve had very little success with that, but I also don’t have much of a social media following which contributes greatly I’m sure. My $20 and $25 patrons both told me they don’t support me for the rewards, but so that I can do my art. The patrons I do have are the real deal. I think you have to have a pretty good size following to make something like that happen. I suggest whatever the reward is, make sure it’s not something you have to buy in bulk (like postcards :sweat: ) so that if you don’t have a lot of response, you’re not out too much.

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Yeah I’m thinking of maybe a Google Hangout with myself or maybe bring someone else onto one that my supporters/audience would want to have access to or hear from. Since I produce a podcast I was thinking of trying to get a previous guest from a popular episode or something. The risk there is having them take the time and make the commitment to come on for something like that and no one show or care. Lots to consider I guess

Hm, what if you had a number of guests with their own social media following and you all promote it and likewise use it to cross promote? It would extend your reach to each of their following and be mutually beneficial. If each person is responsible for bringing in followers it would take a little of the pressure off you to bring the entire audience.

I have considered something similar with some artist friends that I get together with in that we’d do a livestream of all of us working and each bring in our own following.

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@Lochy this is essentially what I do with the podcast when interviewing a guest. Once the episode goes live I send them an email with links to share it with their audience and following.

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If it helps, I did an - I think - similar thing when I launched my Patreon. I did a 12-hour twitch broadcast asking people to sign up. My audience is slightly different, because they’re all gamers and used to watching these kind of streams, but I advertised the show for a while before and made it an event that people were anticipating and turned up for. I got pretty much my funding target within the first hour. But, as a caveat, I was building on an existing podcast and most of the patrons were returning fans.


@chris1 it does help. I have an existing podcast, so seeing and knowing someone did in fact have some success with something like this is encouraging. Did you limit the broadcast to those who pledged or did you open it up to everyone and asked them to pledge once there?

That initial stream was completely public - the purpose was to get people on board. now i’m funded I do a mix of exclusive stuff for the backers and some public stuff so that people can see what they’re missing. But I also have another podcast (Lave Radio) on which I’m a regular host, so I get plenty of opportunities to direct people to the Patreon. My initial drive got me about 100 or so patrons. By the time the series actually started nearly a year later, I’d picked up another 40.

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