Has Patreon "abandoned" the per creation model?

Hey there, I have used Patreon for many years and am generally happy with it but have recently felt “abandoned” since I use the per creation model. There are many features that I cannot use but I would like to, such as merch fulfillment. Also, it seems the streamlabs integration only works for the per month model as well. It makes sense that certain features just can’t apply to the per creation model, such as the ability for a patron to purchase a yearly subscription, but there’s no reason that merch fulfillment and integrations wouldn’t work for per creation.

Is Patreon no longer applying new features to the per creation model? It is completely unfeasible for me to switch to the per month model as I would lose at least 60% of my income during the switch.

It’s not abandoned. As I understand it, there are certain technical and payment related reasons that have influenced what features or integrations can work with the paid-post payment system. My creator team uses the paid-post model so I’ve been very keen myself to explore new features, strategies and other options and can understand your confusion and frustration. I don’t know the full details of those technical/payment reasons (as they are quite complicated), but they do play a part in what can and cannot be added to per-creation accounts, however that’s not to say that in the future they won’t be available, or that alternatives won’t be.

don’t remind them or they’ll just eliminate it entirely and leave us totally fucked

What do you mean? It’s not a forgotten about system and it’s worked on daily to support creators using it.

every time you guys try to revamp your payment system to squeeze more out of us, you leave us twisting in an untenable wind that threatens to convert us to monthly and devastate our income. the “currency conversion” fee on top of the other whopping fees from various ways we get bled threatens to make a $1 patreon tier useless. the $1 tier is our backbone, its nothing to you guys but i create work for audiences that don’t have a lot of money to throw around. taking 15% of a dollar is a lot of money. that’s what i pay for taxes.
gotta be honest i dont really care about the honor of the per-creation tier: what happened to that 155 mil in funding?

as you can guess, there is correlation between my question about the 4 billion dollar valuation of the company and the fact that every month i can kiss 20% of my income goodbye, 15% of it seemingly being dumped into a pit. because it’s not being used to update the site!

I’ve always been happy with the percentage Patreon takes. It is by far the most reasonable across all platforms I have used. For example, YouTube takes upwards of 30%. Though, the number of declines has been higher than any other platforms which I find strange. However, I am disappointed in the lack of updates for the per creation model. My inability to use merch fulfillment and streamlabs alerts has negatively impacted my ability to gain more patrons and offer more rewarding tiers.

if patreon bothered to use literally any of the money to improve the site in any capacity i would be a lot less pissed. but as it stands they take out more than what i pay in taxes to let the site’s infrastructure rot

There is a lot happening at Patreon to address a lot of this and improve upon the site’s overall functionality. More details on this will be shared in due course, in the meantime, I encourage you to read about two very influential and exciting additions to the Patreon executive team this year guiding this progress and vision:

Chief Product Officer Julian Gutman

and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Utkarsh Srivastava