Has patreon listened to any of our feedback about anything?

remember when the landing page changed and many of us had issues with the way it was designed and how our choices were taken away from us? have any of those points from our long list of feedback been addressed at all? what about all of those wildly popular feedback posts about feature’s we’ve been waiting literally years for and were told “it’s on the top of our list!” only to hear nothing back?

  • our tiers being hidden behind a barely visible “show more button”
  • the empty space on the left and right sides of our pages
  • ‘about’ section is hidden
  • summary of locked posts is inaccurate and misleading
  • suddenly rolling out a whole new look, throwing away the hours of work we put into customizing our pages useless and then disregarding our frustrations
  • inability for patrons to access the backlog of content
  • absolutely useless broken messaging system
  • benefits tracker being more of a hassle than a help
  • attempting to phase out the actually useful patron manager into one with less features that’s harder to use
  • ability to delete patrons who’s payments have lapsed

and i’m sure a lot more that i’m forgetting.

there’s only so many times we can see responses that say we’re being listened to but without any action. we, the creators, are the one’s who pay patreon. so why aren’t we being listened to?


Hey Simrell, thank you for reaching out to share your concerns around this issue. Your feedback is absolutely valuable and we are listening, always. This forum has been an invaluable source of information and inspiration for almost every team at Patreon. The community team reviews and responds to it daily, shares out threads in the company Slack channel, and use it as our main source for providing regular feedback in meetings focused on closing the gap between the people who use Patreon and those who build it.

We took the time to go through each item on your list and it looks like several of them are specifically related to changes we made to the creator landing page a few months back. We know this was a big change and while it may have seemed sudden, or even unnecessary, we want to assure you that we took every precaution to be as communicative as possible about these changes and why they were made. We recently posted about some of the new updates and the positive results from that work. With the changes we made to your landing page, on average 20% more fans are choosing to become patrons, which means less work for you to convert your fans into patrons. Since making these changes, we’ve continued to monitor average pledge size and have found no decrease in the pledge amount creators are receiving from patrons. Improvements to the welcome experience for new patrons, including more prominent featured tags and search for posts, has led to an 8% drop in patrons cancelling their pledges to creators .

Sadly, as much as we would truly love to, we’ll never be able to build all the things our creators want. That hurts. We have to make difficult decisions about what to prioritize along the way, which is no easy feat when we recognize there are multiple areas that creators are incredibly passionate about and areas that do need improvements. We absolutely see that and are excited to finally be tackling some of those major pain points (like messaging and patron data, which we’re working on improving over the next couple of quarters) as well as new feature requests, like annual memberships and more currency choices. The feedback provided in this forum has been instrumental in ensuring that work in these major areas get prioritized this year.

When possible, we do love to create more opportunities for direct creator participation and feedback around something we’re actively working on. We have hosted beta testing for the post search bar and run 10 consecutive weeks of being able to provide design feedback as part of our Open Studios. We read every comment and incorporate that feedback into our decision-making process for building and releasing new features and improvements. I think a great example of this was when we launched image galleries, which was a much requested feature itself. We were able to go from getting feedback from the community to launching the feature in 3 months , and even featured a creator from the forum (with permission) as part of the promotion. I’d love to be able to run more of these in the future when the feature and timing allows; often our user research team does a lot of work behind the scenes to gather feedback from creators and patrons before something becomes live.

Thank you for all the time you have spent sharing your thoughts and feedback in here, it has made a difference even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. I hope you’ll see the impact of it later this year when some of these features and improvements start rolling out for all creators to benefit from.



How about doing this with regard to the currency changes, where the most important questions are not being addressed despite repeated polite requests for more information? I’ve been asking about currency conversion risks and fees, and have not received answers despite an announced beta. There is simply no way that Patreon doesn’t have at least tentative answers and a road map to the following:

  1. If I price my levels in dollars, how is the amount charged the patron calculated? Which exchange rate is used and how is it determined?

  2. Who pays currency conversion fees (right now, it’s the patron, via their payment processor)?

  3. How are the amounts displayed to the patrons? USD5 does not translate to an even number in GBP or EUR, and that has the potential to make the pricing of levels look random (e.g. at the moment $5 is £4.10 and €4.56. Of course, tomorrow, those numbers will be different (and technically, they’ll change moment to moment).

If you’re going to beta, there are answers to these which you’re not sharing. And that leads me to believe that you’re going to shift the conversion charges and currency risk from the patrons to the creators, significantly reducing the payout to creators from patrons who pay in other currencies.

When the community let up a huge scream about changing the pricing from “we charge patrons for everyone they support at the beginning of the month” to “we charge patrons multiple times per month on the anniversary of their choosing to support each creator, which fixes problems people using us as a paysite were having but fucks everyone by vastly increasing the number of service fees charged by both the payment processor and by us”, they rolled it back.

So they have listened at least once.


I’m highly considering leaving Patreon this year and I am a founding member that has bought in thousands every month for over 3 years now.

Things I would love to see introduced:

  • Members being billed once a month on the date they sign up
  • Every time I message a member it shows all message history between that member
  • ANY pledge amount unlocking any pledge below that amount like it used to.

I have had a lot of complaints and seen a lot of members move from this platform to another because this one is “too complicated” in comparison. I absolutely love this platform and the doors it has opened for me but I agree it IS too complicated now and these changes would make a huge difference for everyone.


Hi @fenellafox

First off, welcome to the forum - we’re glad you’re here!

Now for your points -

  1. We know how important this is to creators and hear the feedback. We are currently exploring a solution to this. Given our current set up, we want to make sure we put forth a system that will work for all creators and ensure reliable payments.

  2. We are currently working on this right now! You may have recently seen visually improvements to the Messaging page on Desktop. Later this summer, we’re going to be adding threaded messages with history, search, and deletion. Look out for a thread later this month for an update on the timing.

  3. I want to understand this correctly, are you referring to posting on tiers and making sure patrons of all tiers have access to a post? Most creators I’ve spoken to duplicate the benefits of lower tiers so that higher tiers have access to everything below as well. Let me know and I can try to help answer.

I would also definitely like to hear any more info you have on specifically where patrons are struggling with complication. Or is it mostly the above items?

Hope to hear from you soon,


And thank goodness for that.

I had patrons who’s personal costs would have gone up over 140% from that change, so I could get 5% more revenue.