Have any of you used Krowdster or a similar platform to find patrons?

With the difficulty of finding people who like your project and on top of that is willing to support you financially, it seems logical to look for ways to know who have the habit of supporting crowdfundig campaigns.
Have any of you used Krowdster or a similar platform to find patrons?

I think the mindset for traditional crowdfunding, where someone makes a one payment, and possibly gets loot in exchange, is different than ongoing support of creative work. I would focus on people who are already following your work, and interested in it, rather than hunting for random strangers that support projects on Kickstarter.

I’m with @lisavollrath on this. It’s a completely different mindset, and the best long-term patrons are people who are organically attracted to your work. By all means be visible, but you can’t create or buy loyalty out of the blue.

I understand your point, but I think all adds up, I don’t have to many patrons (11) but the biggest one is someone that I didn’t know, he didn’t know my work and I found it because I searched in all crowdfunding facebook groups that I can and thanks to that this year I have been able to give free workshops an average of three times per month.
So I still think that you should show your project to as many people that can like it in the most efficient way possible, on the other hand I have an active instagram that grows slowly, facebook fanpages, etc.