Have we all thanked patreon

I just wanted to post here. Ive hit 400 patreons today. And Ive never taken the time to thank Patreon and the staff for what this platform has done for me as a creator. You Tube revenue as we know is not great for 99% of channels and without the ability to grow this support community I would have probably given up on you tube a while back.

Because of Patreon Im in a much stronger financial position, where its viable to be a full time creator financially. Just felt it was important to say thank you because Im the first to moan about some of the limitations of things that I feel could be improved with the platform.

So HUGE THANKS to all at patreon for being awesome :slight_smile:

Maybe we can all state how patreon has helepd you moved forward as a creator?


Respectfully, I think that is a misguided approach. Be proud of yourself. You have done something awesome! Thank your supporters. They are awesome. Don’t thank Patreon. Patreon is not a gift to us. We pay a lot of money for the privilege of being frustrated with Patreon’s poor user experience.

I appreciate my local grocery store, but I don’t thank the store for selling me groceries. We transact business. You may disagree, but I believe that expressions of gratitude in that context are only meaningful when expectations are surpassed. As the feedback threads on this forum and elsewhere make clear, Patreon is far from providing what is expected, let alone exceeding expectations.

You deserve a pat on the back far more than whomever designed a post editor with almost no formatting options, nor the ability to preview posts or change the go-live time of a scheduled post without deleting it and creating a replacement.

You deserve a pat on the back far more than whomever released to production a popup that could not be closed on mobile, and then allowed it to remain in production for nearly a day.

This is the site that sends a notification email to patrons when you block them because they are harassing you. The site that asks you to identify yourself, select whether you are a patron or creator, and solve a CAPTCHA in order to create a support ticket ——— even when you are logged in.

I don’t know how long you’ve been around, but like every other creator I have talked to about this, I no longer even bother letting Patreon know when things are broken, let alone when I have a request for a feature that on any other platform would already exist.

You have a feature request? Great! Here’s a video of Jack Conte talking about nonsense you couldn’t care less about.

Patreon has been promising us action for years. They have delivered none of it.

No, I haven’t thanked Patreon. And unless things change soon, I don’t plan to thank Patreon.

I plan to leave.

Best of luck to you. Wishes for continued success!


theres issues for sure. The app is very very clunky. the community posting section is basic and sort of bland compared to what you can do on facebook. And this holds back my patreon community from engaging with each other.

You dont have to thank your grocery store but if you let them know you appreciate them, then they will appreciate this :slight_smile: but without patreon I would probably not be doing you tube and most of the issues I have with it are pretty minor to be fair. but yer hopefully it can improve :slight_smile:


Patreon may not always get everything right, and there are things that I wish would be improved. But I am very grateful that they exist, and as easy as it is for us to get frustrated with them, I’m sure they are dealing with all kinds of problems and issues that we don’t even know about. Thanks for your post, rover8200! It’s nice to be reminded once in a while that we can appreciate what we have, even if it isn’t perfect.


Hi @rover8200 - Thank you for the sweet message and congratulations on hitting 400 patrons! That’s an incredible accomplishment :tada:

I’ve shared your message with the greater team to spread the love, I hope that’s okay with you :slight_smile:

I also just sent you a DM, please check your inbox!


Congrats on your success!!! What have been your keys to success? I’ve been mostly stuck at 140 which isn’t bad but also feels stagnant and I’ve tried a lot to get it rolling and it just won’t budge.

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I think the $1 dollar basic access helps build a community which is more active. then I think a good secondary or third tier that makes a bit more revenue, my tier 3 is $5 and I run a monthly contest. this is popular. then like an elite tiering. but beyond the tiering I think just talking about patreon and asking for support is important. I have about 165,000 You tube subscribers and 4-5 thousand new subscribers each month. So its a case of trying to get some of these new guys to join me on patreon. but Im only medium sized really. Its the guys with like millions of subs and thousands of patreons that are acing it so to speak. Im hanging in there and Im at the point where Im earning a half decent living overal.

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Yes, I thanked Patreon many times, but I have no problem in thank them again. And again: Thank you! This tool (better or worse) allowed my most loyal readers to support me easily, and thanks to that support I have been able to draw some comics that have been published in several languages. So thank you again, Patreon!