Hello book readers and authors. Need a help

Hello authors and readers. Iam Sundaresvar.
I need a help.
I’ve released books on Amazon Kindle (story books).
If anyone of you have KINDLE. You can read my book MISER for free.
What I mean is. I really want to know whether people like my book or not. Whether I write good or not. Whether my story is good. So then only I can decide whether I can continue writing or not.
I really believe my story is awesome. But I need people to say me.
If I say you to buy my book. It won’t be nice. So only I’m saying, anyone of you having KINDLE app, can read my book for free.

I’m not forcing you, if you have time. Read it and say me. I’ll be really happy. You can also give negative reviews also, if that’s (my story) not good.
Finnaly if you have time and kindle, do help me.

My two books
MISER by Sundaresvar

Nikko secrets part 1

It’s not a novel just story. Just thought to say. So help me, if possible.
Thank you :heartpulse: