HELP! Annual Patron wants to upgrade for 1 month to Higher Tier


I have an annual patron at our $15/month tier wishing to upgrade for ONE MONTH to a higher tier that gives them access to a game with our cast.

When they tried to do this it sent a notification to me saying they had DELETED their annual pledge.

The increase for them to move up is quite high on an annual charge as the tier in question is $100/month.

Is there anyway within Patreon for this annual patron to upgrade for a single month?

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I don’t mean to hijack your post, but since this post didn’t receive any replies yet and I have a similar problem, I figured it might be best to add my feedback to this thread…

I have an annual patron on my €10 tier who wants to upgrade to my €25 tier, but since I’ve disabled annual pledges in the meantime, she’s now stuck on the €10 tier. It’s poor design when someone has to renew an annual pledge to make a change. At the very least patrons should be given a choice to be charged the difference for the remaining time, not having to commit to another full year.

It would solve a lot of issues if patrons are given the option to switch tiers freely, and just charge them the difference - either monthly OR as a one-time charge for the remaining time of the annual pledge.

I really regret enabling annual pledges with the current restrictions.

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I’m not feeling the same regret, but an added feature when an annual patron could hold the base level annual tier, but as wanted move up to a higher tier - essentially holding 2 tiers. So when the higher tier expires, they drop down to their annual place.

Sounds like a programming nightmare, but would make a drop-in tier upgrade once again appealing to an annual patron.

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