Help! Connecting Patreon Page to Wordpress Website - Dynamic Widget/Tool

Hi there,

I am hoping to learn about a widget or tool that can be used to connect our patreon page to our main website. If people have any recommendations for the best integrations to promote our Patreon page on our website that would be great! We are hoping to for example have an active funding bar on our website so our audience can see how close we are to our goal.

Thank you!

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For what I could find out there’s a specific Patreon plugin for Wordpress, called “Patreon Wordpress”, you should install (check your site/host whitelisting, you may have to disable restriction in order to make the integration work)… then, when it is all set up, you might have to search for another plugin called “Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin by CodeBard”: after setting up also this you should be able to add your site a widget called “Patreon Sidebar Site Goal Widget”.

If you want to see how it looks to us, you may take a visit at our blog, but there’s not much bar since we’re really far from our goal…

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As Cuillo explained, you can use the free Patreon WordPress to connect your WP site to Patreon to sync your Patreon posts to your site as well as publish member-only content.

The free widgets plugin allows you to add various widgets (site Patreon, Author Patreon, Post button) as well as Goals widget:

Patron Plugin Pro is a premium/paid addon which adds more functionality to both plugins, from advanced post/content gating methods to allowing only patrons to log in:

I am trying to embed my Patreon subscription page into my wordpress website but can’t find a way to do it.
I have tried using iframes but Patreon seems to block that.

Please can you help?

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Hi @Yogesh, I merged your question into this helpful thread.

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Anything Open Source for Wordpress integration?

The main plugin is free at WP repo below.

Pro plugin is an addon that enhances it.

You can just instal the official free plugin by searching ‘Patreon’ in your WP plugin manager’s Add section.