Help me reconsider my reward tiers

So I’ve been on Patreon for what… five? Six years now? And I should probably switch up my reward tiers. A post in another thread has made me consider that I’m undervaluing some reward levels, and potentially overvaluing others.

If I could just get some feedback on my current setup and perhaps some suggestions to fix it, I would be appreciative. I’m an author, I write books, my output is ebook, paperback, and hardcover novels. Patronage is monthly.

$3 level: Pre-release ebook, access to bits of unedited WiP prose, digital wallpaper based on commissioned cover art, voting on milestone goal rewards as appropriate

$5 level: Special editions of completed ebook with added material (research notes, author notes, basically the exclusive “patreon edition”), mention in the books’ acknowledgements.

$10 level: Paperback copies. Hangout invites.

$25 level: Hardcover copies.

$50 level: Paperback and Hardcover copies.

I used to do signed copies, but the effort and cost of shipping a book to myself then shipping it out again was inconvenient.