Help on making better tiering

Hi there, I have a channel with about 70-80k subscribers as 230 patreons. I review detailing products.

I have 2 tierings

T1 = $1 For this you access patreon, I post about product reviews on there, I give behind the scenes footage, previews, discussions etc…

T2 = $5 This was initially a product giveaway tier where periodically I would send a box of car cleaning products to a random T2 patreon. Ive sort of put this tier into a limbo mode saying its just like a premium tier but you dont actually get anything for it.

I want to give more options for people which also provides more potential for patreon to make money so hopefully both sides win. But I want the options to be good value. My biggest concern is overhead of additional tiering. I have to be really carefull not to create something which is a time sync, which only active content creators will understand how important it is to not create admin overheads. We are one man armies etc… Was thinking

Private video content tiering (1 private video a month for this tier)
T shirt
Various Merch Tierings. Im worried peeps will sign up to these for the merch but then drop down to lower tiering… So not sure how to keep people on these premium tiers. also can anyone recomend a good merch site that handles fullfillment and ordering and custoemr service for you (that offers value and good quality merch)
Maybe some really expensive tiering limited to 10 people perhaps that get a training day with me or direct access (theres a demand for this, but my family are not too happy with the idea of this tiering).

After ideas basically. High value, valid ideas that will be appealing for people to join and tier and stay with that tier. And they must also give me value as a creator, so low ish overhead and a increase in patreon revenue is important.



Maybe shake up your 1$ tier? I know Patreon is trying to push people away from having it, preferring people to have 2-5$ as their first tier instead.

Some ideas:
-Make your 1$ tier a tip jar, donation only, no rewards other than general support.
-Keep the 1$ tier with SOME rewards, but most most of them to your 5$ tier. (Ex: 1$ could get you a day early access to videos before they’re posted. But 5$ gives you behind the scenes, additional previews, discussions, etc.)

I don’t know if you do polls or get outside input from your fans, but maybe a higher limited tier for people to suggest products to review, or have them be featured with their thoughts on the product(s) in your videos?

You could do it like Philip DeFranco with his company, where he changes out the designs every few months, and keeps all those designs exclusive to Patreon backers.

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thank you sam food for thought… Im thinking about the advice right now and Ive made a note of it. getting rid of the T1 for 1 dollar I think is scary to me. but that does not mean its a good idea, I can see the reasons beehind why it might be good.

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Glad to help :slight_smile: I didn’t have the heart to get rid of my 1$ tier either, so I kept it really simple and just put everything else at a 3$ tier.

Just speaking from a patron side, I know a 1$ tier is really easy to jump onto, especially if you wanna support a lot of people. And getting a little something, even if it’s super small, feels nice too. But don’t let me sway you, haha. Do what you think is best :slight_smile:


Hey @rover8200, thanks for making this post! It’s a great topic I’m sure lots of others are interested in.

We have a blog which covers all kinds of topics like this, providing case studies and our best advice based on research. Here’s some articles and tips that come to mind:

  1. Tiers and Benefits Best Practices
  2. The best practices for video creators
  3. Here’s one tip that seems really obvious but easy to overlook: to get new patrons, you have to get people to visit your Patreon page. To make that easy, you should add a link to your Patreon an ALL your social profiles, a
  4. Another tip! Sending patron only gated content (Video, Podcast, audio, etc.) 2x per month retains patrons! We launched a Vimeo integration that makes this easier.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks mindy… Im so dumb with social media generally I was stuck at a 180 pateons not really moving. I did a community post asking for support on you tube and jumped up to 230 patreons instantly. So I learned the other day you have to promote it dont you to get interest. You advice there about adding it to all social media veneues is cool I will do this thank you.

Yes patreon only content. I want to do this. dont take this the wrong way but I winced at the vimeo thing. I have a totally free platform to host video on with you tube. It has a slight issue with not being able to do selected private video. The unlisted thing doesnt cater for what we want, although I could do this (people would not really notice they could potentially get it for free i think). but having to pay for vimeo really puts me off. it creates a dependency and I dont want to get tied into another platform.

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