HELP, patreon is sending my contents by error!


I don’t know where to put this … but I need help
I’m on a heart attack about this …

there is a huge problem on my patreon!

Somehow, patrons are being able to access and receive content / benefits from higher tiers!

It happened to me last month but I thought it was MY mistake.

This time I realize that no … it is the platform and not me!

This is a subject of my 30 usd tier … (I put it in edit mode so you can see it … I don’t know otherwise to show the tier which the post belongs…). where people from the 5-10 or 15usd tier are having access

but the worst thing is that the system has sent the profit of 30 usd (the attachment of that post !!!) by mail to ALL MY MECENAS !!!
same than last month…
I’m asking them to forward the emails to me, in case you need more information … but there are several … and of different levels.
This is a disaster …
And this time, I’m sure it’s not my mistake … I suffered so much last month, I lost so much money with this … it was a lesson learned to check the tier a thousand times before to post…

Please, help. I felt last month that I throw all my job…I feel very bad and stupid thinking is my mistake…Today I´m in shock and I think it was not my mistake, it´s an error of the platform!!!

Today I only feel that I want definitely close my patreon page. I have never felt more sad, helpless and want to cry

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well … I am receiving different emails and screenshots from my patrons

The platform has sent the email and the attachment of 30 usd tier to all my patrons of 5,
10 and 15 usd tier

It also shows all the posts of the 30 usd tier as unlocked to the patrons of 5usd…as one of my patrons screenshotted for me. (first post is for 5-10-15 and second only for 30…)

well … the error is BIGGER EVEN.
The patreon platform has sent to ALL MY PATRONS FROM LOWER TIERS a FORWARDABLE email that attaches a link from which ANYONE ON THE PLANET can download my content, IT IS OR NOT IN PATREON !!!
I´ve just checked from different devices…where i´m not logged on my channel…and shit.

this is incredible. at this moment I don’t know whether to go to a lawyer or to the doctor for anxiety.

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You can see who can see a post by clicking on the ‘unlocked’ link (it’s not intuitive). Here’s a screenshot:

As for the links, according to Patreon they are ‘single-use’ links, so if the recipient uses the link, forwarding it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve raised this concern with them before, though I don’t believe it’s as bad as you think.

Also, did you raise a support request with Patreon? If not, you should do so right away. Our community manager, @reyna, is awesome, but she isn’t in a position to fix any problems with the system. Raise the ticket, and she can communicate with the support team on your behalf.


@Michael_Loucks,in theory only one tier can see this:

(tensioactivos is my 30usd tier)
but in fact …you can see that lower tiers can acces both, comment and download

I have opened a ticket…ID: 1016703 but i dont know if i´ll get a reply or not .

I don´t know if our lovely @reyna can tell me who can fix this… I relly appreciate to have encouraging words and so…but when I paid for a platform is not for have tapp in my shoulder that I want, but a service! a security! a practicity!!!

Who manages this? please. For me is important to know that there is some real technical support…with a real person in charge…not only machines.

That I know actually ,is that Patreon is allowing to enter my contents indiscriminately to my patrons of different tiers…, but all long this morning, I discovers a worst thing: Patreon system has sended to everyone (also to uncorrect tiers…) a mail with a direct download link with ANY REQUEST OF TIER or suscription to download… which allow that my friends out of patreon are downloading something that my patrons can not download from platform just now: I have erased the attachment until this is solved but the direct link on the re-re-forwarded mails still works , directly and for everyone in the world !!! (we are checking as i can not believe this!!!)

they are send me videos…so… i´m uploading to my flickr (by the moment in private) here is the link where you can see as someone which has nothing to see with my patreon can download freely my contents…which actually are not anymore on my patreon page! (as per my first reaction…)

[WhatsApp Video 2020-12-01 at 12.53.03 by mimoko, en Flickr](WhatsApp Video 2020-12-01 at 12.53.03 by mimoko, en Flickr)

if Patreon is taking commision each month for my job, I want some security!

Thats me who does the publicity, the network , the socials…and to be freely forwarded and downloaded is the unsafest way to have my job on net!!!

Ticket is raised…I´ll wait for the response…but the damage is maded. Would you be happy? me i´m not.

Hi @patdelavega, thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with us. I’m so so sorry this has caused you so much stress and uncertainty. I have escalated your ticket and this thread to the support team so they can take a deeper look into what’s happened and provide the best assistance. It may sometimes takes a bit to hear back from the team, but please know we have a strong team of support agents here to help!


Thank you very much @reyna , actually I´m in shock about all this, and the stress is big enough to think close my Patreon (after 3 yrs and with active Patrons…) on dec 31st…if I have not died of an anxiety attack or a heart attack before

I have fight very hard for this but yesterday I really feel uncertain, stressed, and I realize that this, that happens last 2 months (as per I notice!!!) maybe has happened all the 3 yrs? this makes me feel really unconfortable.
Have also speaked with another colleagues/spanish creators in Patreon , and It happens!!! sometimes the system send post mail for wrong tiers!

Well…this seems not so…big, if is not an attachment there…but in my case it was!

I noticed on november as my patrons was shocked about “OMG you make a BIG book for us for 5usd!!!” and told me…then I realize they receive the 30usd pdf. 54 pages of text, months of job and investigation…thanks Patreon for spreading my job…for free?

All this is on my Patreon…the good thing of a written platform is that is a real timeline of the things.On that time I ask for apologies, I assume that i´m stupid…and try to do my best to compensate the damage.

In november I ask for apologies to my 30uds patrons, which have payed for those that everyone was waiting for and thar everyone receives as free. I put a maximum of pledges on this tier in order to give a GOOD SERVICE and an intense dedication to everyone who paids(in compensation / something more to have that those who haven´t payed anything) , and I lost a lot of money…but i was thinking was my mistake (is true I´m sometimes very tired! and think is my fail… and I take my responsability…)

Now, Im sure is not my mistake but an error and a lack of security in Patreon!

And I think…this it happens from november…or it happens from longer? Maybe it was happening always and only I did´nt realize.

stress doubled…as suddendly I realize why somethings happens that on last 3 yrs I have founded my things anywhere (FB groups, for example…or reforwarded by someone…)

As you can see on the video, the mail was sended to people who was not in this tier, and including the document I´m selling, that actually can tour all over the world and be discharged by everyone who receives that mail, directly from patreon or reforwarded by another person. Of course all this happens out of Patreon…but allowed by an Patreon error…that I hope can be fixed, although I will not profit about anymore.

Yesterday my patrons of 5usd tier can enter the 30usd post…today some can not…so maybe something is fixed? Ok this is great…

Now, please ask the support team and let me know how I can fix this: my pdf reforwarded and running free on the net. Have a look, cause is not necessary to be logged or have any patreon account to download this attachment.

this is impossible to fix, or you know how? well, maybe you can fix the issue of sending wrong tier mails…but what about the done?

I understand that an apology from the technical team does not stop this email from circulating, it does not stop the email from having my attachment and the work hosted by a platform that is supposed to protect me as a creator can be freely disseminated.
But maybe it’s just the stress and I’m missing something…

please excuse my bad english. I am frankly very tired, stressed, and I suppose I will make a lot of mistakes, but I hope you can understood me
Also sorry if I sound abrupt … it is not with you, @reyna, who I thank you for being the only one who shows your face.
Of course to you, all my thanks


Was this resolved? This is so upsetting, I’m hoping for the best for you.