Help: Patreon Site and App Slow. Like Dial-Up Slow

Hello all! This is the first time I’ve used these Community Forums, so I probably won’t make any sense.

I joined as a creator in January 2019, and since the beginning I’ve experienced extremely slow function on the site and app. The app loads fine, but when creating a new post I can’t type on it for more than a paragraph before the text starts to lag and stops showing up. I have to sit there for sometimes literally up to a minute before it catches up. But the site is even more frustrating. When It’s loading I feel like I’m using AOL dial up. Just trying to navigate the site from one link tot he next I have to click then go do something else while it loads, sometimes up to a minute as well. Typing isn’t as bad as the app, but between the two it’s sometimes just not practical to use when I want to make a quick post for my patrons on the go.

I’ve reached out to tech support about this but they don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about, and just suggest the usual “log out, restart, basics garbage”.

Any input would be appreciated.

Many thanks!


Considering many other users haven’t reported any issues of lag, I’m pretty sure this issue is on your end. That’s also why the tech support gave you a canned response, because everything is working fine for everyone else. You might need to try some updates on your software or a different browser or try on a different connection.