Help using MailChimp and Zapier?

Hey all! After seeing so many people mentioning this, I’ve finally decided I’d like to implement email newsletters to my Patreon page and updates.
However, I have zero experience with newsletters, Zapier or MailChimp, and I’ve found the “installation instructions” provided by Patreon rather insufficient (aside from the fact that some of the example images linked are broken!), so I ended up more confused and insecure than I was before.

Does anyone have one or two tutorials on how to set up and use Zapier and/or MailChimp to share? I’m terrified I’ll end up sending a thousand test emails to my Patrons and destroy my newsletter’s chances before it even launches, haha.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello! Here is an updated instruction guide for the Mailchimp via Zapier integration with Patreon:

Best Practice Guide:

Pro Tip: Make sure you have active accounts set with both services once you start the integration flow

Hope this helps!


@ArtsieRosie thank you for sharing this feedback! were you looking at this page? I want to make sure we learn where the broken example images are so we can fix them.

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@mindy Yep, that’s the page! Unde the “installation instructions” tab, the last two images just don’t show up for me. Also Zapier showed itself to be a lot more complicated to me (as I had no previous experience with it) so that’s why the instructions in this page felt a little lacking. :slight_smile:

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That makes complete sense! Thank you for clarifying. I’ve reported this to the team and they said they’ll look into it. Please let me know if you have any more questions that we can help with :slight_smile:

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