Help with a strange mail

Hi, one of my patrons have updated his credit card information and he receives this e-mail. He hasn’t understood if he was charged twice or not. On my dashboard, I see that he wasn’t charged twice. Can you confirm that he wasn’t charged twice?

I would say no, I received this too when I changed a pledge amount. It’s the same email that you receive when you pledge for the first time, and that’s both unfortunate and confusing, but it’s meant to simply be an acknowledgement of the update, as far as I understand. It would be a really good idea to reword this so it’s not so bewildering (cc @carla ).

This email is confusing. One of my personal goals is to get a lot of these automated emails cleaned up from a copy perspective so what is happening is clearer. @Ben and I will be working on this together.

Your patron should be fine on this front and only charged once.