Help with moving from the OLD Patron Manager to the new one?

I still use the very deprecated manager from when Patreon first launched - primarily because is shows exactly how much is being pledged for each release:

I’m completely lost in the new relationship manager - how do I get this kind of report from it?

The Patronage page on the Earnings Dashboard only gives how much HAS been collected, not how much is pledged to be collected at the end of the month.

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You can filter by month on the far right dropdown in the relationship manager. (I would much prefer the old manager layout in that it shows us the month breakdown by default but i don’t think we’re gunna get it.)

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Is there a way to show the per-post pledge total in this manner? All I can find is how much has been collected, not how much has been pledged.

Hey @DysonLogos, we currently don’t have a “per-post pledge total” view. You can see all the new updates to Patron Relationship Manager in this help article. Though we’re really eager to hear your thoughts! Feel free to add any thoughts and feedback you have to this forum thread: COMING SOON | Improvements to Patron Relationship Manager

So then this is the opposite of an improvement then? We’re improving things by removing access to data.

Like when we stopped having the percentages shown when it comes to fees collected, just the total so we have to do the math ourselves for the percentages.

Every upgrade makes me have to do more work to get the data I want and use.

I love Patreon, I really do, but it feels like I’m ice skating uphill running a per-creation campaign instead of a monthly campaign (the irony of course being that this was the only option when I started)

We also have a per-creation campaign as we also started many years ago when this was the only model. We have several reasons for wanting to keep this model, but I agree that it seems like per creation really gets overlooked when Patreon makes changes now. :frowning:

It’s been three months, and this basic and ESSENTIAL functionality is still not available under the new manager.

Please, either make the new manager capable of doing even the basic stuff from the old one, or just give us back temporary use of the old one until the new one works.