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Hi, E K the Writingelk here again. Today I want to introduce you to the type of work which I do on the inky I-talk podcast, and the best way I can think of to do so is by posting an episode of the show here for you. All-be-it, a special. Along with a bit of tell-all. So, the show, (as said before,) is called, Inky I-talk, storytellers podcast. Hosted on anchor.fm, and can be accessed on my website at, inkyitalk.com, and on most of your favorite podcast sites, such as Spotify, Google podcast, Bakers, and much more. I post twice weekly, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at about 8: PM. Anyway, as time goes by, we’ll divulge more information on this. The focus is on today’s post, which is a poem. This is a brand spanking new piece of poetry, called, what am I missing? Not even the members of my immediate household have heard this one in its entirety yet, so, in effect, this is a beta test of sorts. It is in my intention to post this on the website shortly. But you get to see it first, which means you get to may have your input before the final version comes out. In the meantime, the regular podcast continues on the site, a story called the sword, the word, and Books of rules, by author and poet, E Lloyd Kelly. By the way, that is book number one of the real inky trails series. And it is my intention to give it away, sort of. Hence, it now being featured on the podcast. More on this later. Go enjoy the poem.
Here is the poem called, " What am I missing?"
Note. By the time the final draft should come around, this script is likely to have gone through quite a bit of change, don’t be alarmed.

What am I missing? What am I missing?

Hey! Why are you all looking at me like that, am I missing something? Am I missing something? Anyway!

The convergence of the mighty minds and the elitest of the elites of mankind are arguing it out. This side is making a mocking fool out of that side’s clout, one is at a loss as to why the others’ boss has got it all so very wrong in class.

And arguing yet the more about the letter and the law, and as to the spirit of the longtime draft which they drew and draw. And as you already know, the law is the law. And no one is above the law, not even him, nor her.

But you also know that I’m really, really rich, and can afford to buy her some whipping switch, so said that one at the top if the glitch, so. We’ll see. We’ll see. And yet they argue on. About this, and that, and about what the framers of those very laws samer, must have thought, and had written down and etched in class, from thousands upon hundreds of years ago now, they are long dead though, but…

What was to have been their thinking when said laws were framed and fenced in? Asked some of them on this side. While all the while those of high profile are defending on the one side or amending on the other in order to be sending some other some ones somewhere through the turnstiles.

Especially those some ones who are known to have lied, steal, cheated, and the many other awful vices which is known that she did, or was it he? Maybe.

Increasing the foul play all along the way from the very first day of the stepping in of their first right feet, it would seem, or the wrong one to eat, or was it the head instead?

Lying yet again there on the bed, and who are known to have bragged around somewhere in town, talking about such deeds long done, or those which could yet be done in time to come, without anyone even stopping his gun, so spoke he openly in the street, even.

And never even as much as think a stink thought to tone it down in parts, even when the thermostat was to have gotten turned up hot, to get heated yet the more at that spot, yes, the headship of his head.

And the councils of councilors were known to have begged and said it to her clients’ hearing aids oftentimes so they would have, as said, begged, begging yet again to refrain from the speaking game.

And would have said to them just before praying her off to bed: you are unwell, they said, you can’t help yourself, so, go, go up to sleep, on the topmost bunk bed, to cover your feet, they pleaded and begged. But…

Eloquent was the one, he who stood upon a stand in front of a frenzied admiring cheering on of the fans prodding him on and lied long straight ties, sorry, I meant to say, face. Lied straight-faced to no one’s distaste, oh what a disgrace.

But just in case they should stick a microphoned camera up in your face tomorrow, say nothing more than this to her: we did nothing wrong, we did nothing wrong.

Yet, yes, yet they argue on, they, them, them and their highly place able-bodied men: we did the very same thing which you and yours did do and had done them too, they say, nothing more nothing less nothing wrong with that, nor with you, I guess, so, how come?

How comes no one had called for any form of reprimands. No accountability came at hand, -Dan, not even one such as you are now calling for from these our highly placed men of war, therefore, this is a hoax, this is a farce, fake news and the rest of the arts…

But we are instructing everyone under our immediate command, not to be found cooperating with anyone, not you, not them, nor with the sleuth of their demands.

But, if the cooperators should go and cooperate, then we are going to open up the gate and call them out straight, those from over there on your side of the plate, who, just like us, did nothing wrong, they too, did nothing wrong.

Which they would have done when they did in like manner as our own, our very own had done, no, they did nothing wrong when they did those things, which they would even want to hide from anyone, it would seem, same as we didn’t do over on our side of the pew stand.

But come they must, just like us, come to testify about all the right things which they. Just like us did do or the wrong ones which both of us on either side, did not do on the bus. Both them and us. True? True.

This one over here though, has got overwhelming evidence to show, he was to swear so, and go, gone off to the picture show. And was going to use it all to prove that what we’d said that that one abuse and did, is true, and she is culpable and you ought to have her removed, or was it he, him! Same thing.

Though I would really appreciate it if you were to show me some more of the facts and things. Facts which you have got lots of over there under locks and hidings.

But that one will not, because, these facts are what we have got here, and it’s all that we have got to put us in the clear. These facts are here to prove that, we are aware of your hiccups and of the pack, and of course, we did nothing wrong, we did nothing wrong.

We are not like some of you and your “someone” friends who, on the other hand, can’t seem to get anything right, not even the other side of your left-handed bills which you rights.

Nor the articles which you’d wronged when you had ventured out to write out our wrongs. So went on the educated ones, well, nothing wrong with that part yah man, nothing but for the buttoning up of the bottom lines of the bottomless pit which he is just about to fall in quick.

So said the topmost third of the 3-tiers of the wisest of the wise men in here, and same came also from among the elites over there. None was able though, to bridge the gap and to shorten the divide which exists and persist between the too many sides.

But this one over here has got the perfect solution clear, and the answer is holed up in his sweaty hand bare. Which was to come down to just one as I was to hear, which turned out as it must, to be just this one on the bus:

Let’s leave it up to the voters, he says to the camera turned up in his gaze about hers’, and hence, to get him in on the post to be there and posing, on the media page spheres in a couple of days enclosed in, just over there, yes:

Let’s leave it up to them, the voters, to decide here-in, so he said and lied, in my hearing. And I am like, what did I just missed, what did I miss? What do we make of that? And of this? What did I miss? Again I’d asked, and hissed.

In a situation such as this I couldn’t help but hissed at the Abyss, and wonder out loud from the backside of my speech, what did I miss, what did I miss?

We have got to trust the voters they say, we have got to trust the voters enough to make the right decision on this one-sided busted right left handed play, right? Right.

And why is that? Someone was to have asked a-mocked. Of the answer which was quick in coming back, coming from the elitest of the educated pack.

It’s because, just like the paying customer in business-class does and do, the voting voter in politics too, is always right, right? Right.

Well. Of course, He is right too, he has sure got the right, and the left foot of shoe, and the power, yes, he has got the power too, it’s all there in his right hand, by the shower, and in the one left of their best.

The power to make the right call the proper decision test after-all, of all of the others with or without a vested interest, it is he, the voter-we, it is us who has got the correct answer as we must.

And the power too to get them and the rest of us all out of this hell hole of a thinly divided one-sided messy mess brawl, which those others over there with purely none politically motivated interest clear, and best of all, from the onset and even before that, fear? Fear. But.

No, it wasn’t they, them, who had gotten us all to digress and to divert from serving the people’s best interest then, which was the only reason why we the voters had gotten interested in this messy business in the firster, that place, there, yes, but anyhow, let’s move along now, to the better place of the firster-est.

Because, the people, as said before, are the ones who knows what’s best, for sure, so let’s put them to the test said the one decked out in vest, the test which we had gotten ourselves together from the past and was to institute on the voter’s list fast.

Whatever they say, is the correct answer right away and that decision shall be binding for the next four to five years’ time and winding up to stay, and pointing towards the next generations’ spheres so they say.

And, if we should somehow manage to last that long under these said conditions, while the other “we,” get richer and fatter, and mightier is proper, and get to secure for themselves an elevated place for their future, and in history and hers.

While they, the real they like, “we,” get poorer, and weaker, and fewer and meeker, and wasting away even the more her, and gets so blinded by the glistering lights shining, off of the stencil and trashy wrapping papers bright, and blinding, that they, we, us, and not them, but us.

Those of us who can’t ever seem to see a thing but our guts and a few other buttons and bolts, maybe, there will yet remain a bit of hearing left in the hearing aids for these to hear the pile of dressed-up nonsense which they, the other “we,” tell them there, when comes the next election year.

So much so that they may go out again and vote for him, and not me, nor them, and much more of the same, the most outrageous pile of ducklings lame but. But, who is to be blamed? Really?

Sure not me, nor us, but them, -Neilie. Those who will be able to do the most nothing for most of them, nothing other than to do them, you know, like, like, do them in. Again.

You probably get the leader which you deserve with her. Well, so they say. Would have happened when you went out and to play, and would have swallowed the broth which they had served up, and tossed.

Now, these are they, those, the bosses boss, and rose, those which you get with the polling fingers and pose, yes, there they are, from the highly sophisticated down to the lowest bum dressing up the business class, of the gated, near the bar, and the showroom windows, and the wasted.

Among other things which they did. You know what I mean? But we are not talking about those in the Center. Of the schemes of things.

We are talking about those two extremes, where voters in elections lie somewhere in between, yeah, there, in them is where all of our solutions lie, naked and bare.

But. What the heck do I care! Said that man over there. Beware! Voters, you had sure better beware.

By, E Lloyd Kelly, Feb. 2020.


Hello again, E K the Writingelk. As I had said at the time when at the first I’d posted this piece of poetry. “It’s a work-in-progress.” Now we have taken it a bit further.
You might want to view it on YouTube.. And yes folks, I would like to have your feedback, good or bad, I’d like to know what you think so that we can improve and grow if nothing else. Thanks.