Hitting the ground running

I’ve just started Patreon! Woo! I’ve been slowly building a gathering of followers since January - but I’ve plateaued at only 2 patrons! How do I increase my support?

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I’d suggest growing your audience outside of Patreon and mentioning your Patreon page at multiple places and in multiple occasions. Talk about the benefit you offer them. The more people know about your page, the more patrons you could get. Only a small percentage of your audience will turn into a paying patron though, in my case it’s about 1% of my following. But the percentage also depends on what you have to offer, what the tier pricing is, etc.

I see that you have 30 YouTube subscribers and 61 Instagram followers, so 2 patrons is more than I would expect based off my numbers :wink:
I’d definitely recommend growing on social media platforms first and build a funnel to drive people to your Patreon page.

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Hi @Elijah_Buchan! I’ll plus one to what @ArtwithFlo said. I think focusing on growing your audience will lead to the most growth in patrons. Lead with your content, then invite folks into your patreon community over time. Do you have an email newsletter or other spaces you connect with your community & fans? Those are great places to start as well!

We recently hosted a workshop on just this topic of growing your audience actually, led by Suzanne Yada, aka @littlespiral - I’d recommend checking that out - she might have some words of wisdom for you in this community as well! Here’s the link to that workshop - it was called “How to cultivate an audience ready to pay for your creativity.”

Hope that helps,

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