Hope... ahh yes. Also known as the hopeful hustle

A thread to talk about the Hope Mindset. You know that place where you’re nervous, but also so excited to share your idea and work with the world? We recognize that as hope, and love to hear your experience. Does it sound like something you’ve gone through?

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I definitely feel like I’m in this mindset, especially this part:

You keep doing the next thing on your list — no matter how bumpy the path may be

I’m going to throw everything I can at my business this year and see what sticks. There’s quite a bit of fear, as I have to learn new skills in order to make the content I want to deliver, i.e. learn video editing software so I can make drawing process videos, and I need to plan out what exactly I want to show/teach for livestreams. I have a new book in the works with my publisher that I need to do a LOT of research for. I will also need to communicate effectively with my print shop to make sure the calendars and postcards I’m working on will turn out well.

Something I’ve learned in the past couple of months is how important it is for my fans and patrons to feel connected to me as a person. For most of my online career I’ve been a bit disengaged because I’m uncomfortable with attention (unless I have something I really want to say, hence the cartoons). So, though it’s difficult for me, I am making a concerted effort to loosen up and show myself a little more lately.

I’m excited for this year but also feel totally in over my head. Here we go!