Hosting Patron-only videos?

So I can easily post YouTube and Vimeo videos in patron-only posts, but …

  • YouTube videos can only be “unlisted” (and are therefore not protected from being shared everywhere) or need a password, which is a hassle for patrons.
  • Vimeo videos can be protected (through domain whitelisting), but only with the commercial Vimeo packages, which I can’t really afford at this time.

Are there any other options? How do you guys deliver patron-only video content?


I have the exact same problem with videos (youtube not practical, vimeo not affordable), it’s just not possible to post videos made especially for patrons. I’m guessing most creators here use Lens, but that vanishes after a time, and it requires a special app to boot. It would be really nice if we could directly upload short videos to a patron-only post – even if they have to be limited in duration.

For different reasons, I would also like the ability to embed an instagram video in a Patreon post, the way I can share them on FB or twitter. I post a lot of short casual videos on Instagram that, though public, have no place in my Vimeo account (that’s for finished polished films) but would be perfect for my content here.


I’ve been teaching classes online for about six years, and have hundreds of class lessons posted as unlisted YouTube videos. I’ve never had any trouble with people sharing them.

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Totally agree with you and asked for a solution already on different hangouts. Vimeo is not practical (I use it currently for my videos - and used the professional 6 EUR/USD package per month). YouTube biggest problem is, that you cannot protect videos from downloading and disable sharing options… I can upload already pics on Patreon up to 200MB, but still no video solution…

Hopefully this is on the prio list of the great development team… It will drive for a lot of creators a lot of additional traffic to the page…

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