Hosting videos for view on Patreon?

As I’m getting my Patreon page set up, I’m trying to figure out the best place to host my videos. I would like to use a site called Screen-o-Matic, but it seems like Patreon doesn’t support videos embedded from that site.

If I use YouTube, how do post them in my Patreon without them being available on YouTube? I know you can keep videos private on YouTube, but then wouldn’t that mean patrons would be able to view them in Patreon?

With YouTube this is done through so-called “unlisted” videos. But if you just opened a new account, it won’t be available to you right away.

Ah, okay, I think I’ve seen the Unlisted option before.

But does that mean when patrons see the video in my Patreon account, they can click and view it on YouTube?

Yes they can follow the link and view the video on your Youtube channel. Anyone who gets the link from you can see it, but theres no way to see it or find it unless you give them the specific link, so its not public.

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