Hovering over patron's usenames doesn't show reliable information

There is a feature for hovering over a patron’s username so it shows you their current pledge. Which I thought was super useful. Until I realized it’s not accurate. It frequently shows me that a user is pledging to me even tho they’re no longer a patron.

Here’s what it shows me when I hover over their username, showing me that they’re currently a 15$ patron.
Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 3.57.32 PM

But this is the info when I click on their name and go to their profile, showing that they’re not a patron. Which I confirmed.

If this feature were fixed, it’d make my life so much easier. Patrons at a certain tier get access to my private instagram. And they get added to the instagram by leaving their username on my post. I go thru the comments on that post every month to double check that they’re still pledged. And being able to hover view their patronage status instead of having to click on the 100+ names in that post would be amazing.


Not sure if this is the case here, but I know a patron will still show as a patron for a month they’ve paid for even if they cancel in that same month - is that what we’re seeing here? He cancelled his pledge for January but already paid to finish out the month?


That would make sense! But I went to test the theory and looked up an old comment from 11 months ago. Hovering over this patrons name, it says they’re still currently pledged. But their last payment was November 1st 2019.


Ahhh heck that’s a bummer, looks like a bug for sure!


It could be that they never canceled their pledge? I have a ton of folks that still show up as members who are declined. I’m sure they just blocked the payments but never bothered to cancel their pledge. Just wondering if that could be part of it.

Hey @simrell, thanks for making this post.

From what I can gather, it sounds like a straight up bug. It may even be pulling “most recent pledge” or anther source.

Can you please report this bug to our support team? It really helps us keep track of such issues, gather the most information possible for the product team, and that team is much bigger to support documenting such issues. Thanks!

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