How are non-US Creators avoiding getting robbed by PayPal's exchange rate?

This is a shot in the dark, hoping that other Aussie creators here might read this.

We currently get absolutely reckd by PayPal whenever we transfer our USD Patreon earnings into Australia. The exchange rate is terrible! We tried opening a USD account here in Australia, but PayPal won’t let us withdraw to it.

Has anyone discovered a more efficient way of bringing your Patreon earnings into Australia (or any other non-US country for that matter) without getting shafted by PayPal?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It’s just the way it is when moving money this way. If it’s any consolation, consider that it could be worse. When I go directly through my regular bank to move US money to my German bank account, I get slapped with a “foreign currency fee”, wich might be higher than the money I even got.

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I’m in the EU but I can relate about the horrible fees that PayPal has. That’s why I switched to Payoneer. They have slightly better fees but it’s also not ideal. The fact that I don’t have to use PayPal is a big advantage over a lot of other platforms that rely on PayPal.

I hope Patreon will add better options in the future (Transferwise :smiley: or direct deposits to bank accounts).


Let me tell you my story with Paypal. Ive been using it since 2005 and I raised my status as a business there (so I could use bills to protect me and my clients) and everything was going ok even if I was paying higher rates


but my country got under a corrupt regime that actually is killing us (literally) so Paypal as any other USA company closed any business relationships with us, the forst ones were the banks and Paypal was one of the first stopping the payments I received from my oldest clients before Patreon. So the only mean to receive money from my commissions was WesternUnion but not all my clients liked that, so I decided to open Patreon using Payoneer but hey! that was last year around this time and it happened by the time we went on a revolution and the communist regime shitting on us even more~~ so not even Payoneer works for me now.
What Im doing?? still using Paypal and using the money there to pay some online softwares or services instead of using it for my first necessities as paying bills…
I wish I could receive a direct transfer to my account even if I know I have to pay a 30% on fees, specially now I had to buy a new computer to replace my old one that was dying.

So, yeah, I agree with Maarika, I hope Patreon adds more options for paymentss in the future or at least let me have the selling products service that only they are offering to higher patroned creators.


Supporting payouts using any respectable cryptocurrency would be nice.